Characters We Want To See In 'Marvel vs. Capcom 4'

Marvel vs. Capcom 4 Characters

Capcom is well-known for adding onto their already-released games. The number of re-releases of Street Fighter II is the stuff of gaming legend, especially now in the age of DLC where such a notion would be considered needless. Yet Capcom is still making full games that are add-ons to their titles, which is how Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 came to be. Check out our UMvC3 review for more on that.

Now that we can consider it a foregone conclusion that Capcom will continue to do this, that leaves the question of what's next for the Marvel vs. Capcom series? What new characters will be added to the ever-expanding roster of faces both familiar and unknown? We compiled two lists of five characters, one from Marvel and one from Capcom, characters we desire in Marvel vs. Capcom 4.

We already made a list similar to this back when the original Marvel vs. Capcom 3 was releasing, so chances are you'll find some repeat entries here. We were lucky enough to get two guesses correct, so maybe we'll get a few more here!



5.) Black Widow

One of the reasons behind the choices of characters is often cross-promote and in the case of Marvel, that's for the movies. While you could attribute characters such as Captain America, Thor, and Iron Man to nostaglia or name value, they do also serve the purpose of promoting their respective movies. And with the character Hawkeye added in, they also appear to be promoting the upcoming Avengers film. So why not go the extra mile and finish The Avengers roster with Black Widow?

Of course, the reason she's so low on the list is that the Russian super-spy doesn't really have any unique powers or anything to make her stand out - relatively speaking - other than her fast reflexes and her arsenal of various gadgets. She could still be an interesting character to include, if done properly.


4.) Daredevil

Daredevil, much like Black Widow, doesn't have much in terms of powers, so he would run the same risk as Black Widow of not really standing out from the Marvel vs. Capcom crowd. His heightened senses do give him incredible agility, making him similar to Spider-Man in terms of fighting abilities, but it would be remiss to leave him out, as he is a key player in the Marvel universe and does have his set of fans who want to see him included. It certainly couldn't hurt to have him appear and Fox is planning to reboot the Daredevil movie franchise...

3.) Luke Cage

Luke Cage's only true superpower is his indestructible skin, but that's all he needs. Once he starts pounding on your face, you won't be all that worried about what kind of superpowers he has up his sleeve. Luke Cage would work well as the street brawler of the crowd, being a good counterbalance to Mike Haggar, while also working alongside his typical partner in crime fighting, Iron Fist. It would be one instance where a more simplistic moveset could actually benefit the character, possibly making him an easy character for beginners to use.


2.) Apocalypse

Apocalypse served as the villain of X-Men vs. Street Fighter and returned as a sub-boss in its sequel, Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter, so it's safe to say that he's a good fit for the series. It would take some serious redesigning to bring his power levels down so that he balances out with everyone else, but it wouldn't be impossible to pull off. His odd shapeshifting abilities would provide for a unique moveset, and his giant form could even be included as a Hyper Combo. Plus, wouldn't it be great to see him fight Galactus?

1.) Venom

Venom is the perfect Spider-Man villain. He has the same powers as him, is immune to his spider-sense, and is much more ruthless than the costumed hero. The character hasn't had as much time to shine in recent years, but a return to the Marvel vs. Capcom series could help increase his popularity again. The one caveat is that it would have to be the real Venom. Not Mac Gargan, not Flash Thompson. Eddie Brock is the one true Venom, even if he isn't him right now in the comics. And if Marvel really wants to stay current, they can include Anti-Venom as an alternate costume or something.



5.) Sigma

One thing the Capcom side of the battle is lacking in is villains. There is Wesker, and they added Firebrand, but the other "villains" in Akuma and Virgil are a bit more ambiguous in their evilness. So it's safe to say that they need more clear-cut villains. And while many consider Dr. Wily the true villain of the Megaman series as a whole, he's really only as good as his Robot Masters. Since Zero is a playable character anyway, it would make sense to use the villain of the X series, Sigma. Any of his incarnations would work, as there are a wide variety of forms to choose from.

4.) M. Bison

Speaking of clear-cut villains, you don't get much more clear-cut in the Street Fighter universe than M. Bison. Bison wants two things: immortality, and world domination. The two most cliched villainous desires, and yet he still manages to be more intimidating than hammy. Plus, anyone who's played a Street Fighter game knows that he's a tough customer to fight, so he'd be a real challenge for players in a new Marvel vs. Capcom game. You wouldn't even have to change his moveset that much.


3.) Captain Commando

One thing a good crossover game should do is introduce newer gamers to characters they wouldn't have met otherwise. Chances were not many people knew who Strider Hiryu was before his appearance in Marvel vs. Capcom, but then he became such a popular character that people wanted him to return. So why not give that kind of exposure to Captain Commando? Like Strider, he was originally in his own game before becoming more well-known in Marvel vs. Capcom. He was even originally intended to be Capcom's mascot before their other titles became more popular. He has his own fanbase, and that would only grow if he made a return.

2.) Zangief

Zangief is easily one of the most recognizable faces from Street Fighter, as that big burly Russian powerhouse that he is. Some might say that it's a bit redundant to include Zangief when Mike Haggar was already put in, but there are a few differences between the two. Haggar is a brawler with some wrestling moves, whereas Zangief is a pure wrestler. Emphasize that key difference and the worry about Zangief being a clone would be avoided. Plus, who wouldn't want to see Zangief and Haggar face off?


1.) Mega Man

Was there ever any doubt who would be number one? Mega Man is the most requested character for Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, and it was nothing short of lunacy to not include him. He is the face of Capcom, so he simply has to be included the next time around. And any version of him would be acceptable. Whether it be the X version to go along with Zero, the Legends version as an apology for cancelling Mega Man Legends 3, or the Classic version as seen above, just so long as Megaman is in the game, fans will be satisfied.

Agree? Disagree? Voice your thoughts in the comment section below.


Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 is out now for the Xbox 360 and PS3, with the Vita version coming at a later date.

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