Capcom is well-known for adding onto their already-released games. The number of re-releases of Street Fighter II is the stuff of gaming legend, especially now in the age of DLC where such a notion would be considered needless. Yet Capcom is still making full games that are add-ons to their titles, which is how Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 came to be. Check out our UMvC3 review for more on that.

Now that we can consider it a foregone conclusion that Capcom will continue to do this, that leaves the question of what’s next for the Marvel vs. Capcom series? What new characters will be added to the ever-expanding roster of faces both familiar and unknown? We compiled two lists of five characters, one from Marvel and one from Capcom, characters we desire in Marvel vs. Capcom 4.

We already made a list similar to this back when the original Marvel vs. Capcom 3 was releasing, so chances are you’ll find some repeat entries here. We were lucky enough to get two guesses correct, so maybe we’ll get a few more here!


5.) Black Widow

One of the reasons behind the choices of characters is often cross-promote and in the case of Marvel, that’s for the movies. While you could attribute characters such as Captain America, Thor, and Iron Man to nostaglia or name value, they do also serve the purpose of promoting their respective movies. And with the character Hawkeye added in, they also appear to be promoting the upcoming Avengers film. So why not go the extra mile and finish The Avengers roster with Black Widow?

Of course, the reason she’s so low on the list is that the Russian super-spy doesn’t really have any unique powers or anything to make her stand out – relatively speaking – other than her fast reflexes and her arsenal of various gadgets. She could still be an interesting character to include, if done properly.

4.) Daredevil

Daredevil, much like Black Widow, doesn’t have much in terms of powers, so he would run the same risk as Black Widow of not really standing out from the Marvel vs. Capcom crowd. His heightened senses do give him incredible agility, making him similar to Spider-Man in terms of fighting abilities, but it would be remiss to leave him out, as he is a key player in the Marvel universe and does have his set of fans who want to see him included. It certainly couldn’t hurt to have him appear and Fox is planning to reboot the Daredevil movie franchise…

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