'Marvel vs Capcom 3' Full Roster Leaked via Twitter

Marvel vs Capcom 3 Leaks Twitter

The next installment in the ageless battle between games and comics is less than three months away, but as is to be expected, that's far too long a wait for fans dying to know any new information concerning Marvel Vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds. A mysterious Twitter account seemed to give a whole new meaning to the term 'inside information,' listing dozens of game secrets while claiming that they were not employed by Capcom. The account, registered under the name 'klennox22' has since been deleted, but Shoryuken made sure that the information didn't disappear.

Since the account has been deleted, a new source has continued to reveal details on secret characters, reasons for fighters being left out of the game, and even a hidden appearance from Stan Lee. The user began their posts by showing solidarity with their predecessor: "Just to let you guys know, klennox was being truthful."

It's impossible to tell whether this information is accurate or just some gamers with too much time on their hands and an incredible knowledge of both Marvel and Capcom history. Either way, klennox saw fit to reveal the last fighters that have yet to be announced:

"The remaining Marvel characters are Phoenix, Sentinel and Taskmaster. #mvc3"

"The remaining Capcom characters are Hsien-Ko, Haggar and Akuma. #mvc3"

"Akuma and Taskmaster are hidden characters. #mvc3"

"Galactus is the final boss. #mvc3"

"Haggar, Sentinel, and the Metro City stage will be revealed in January. #mvc3"

None of the information will be particularly shocking to fans, since nearly every possible character has been mentioned and discussed to great lengths in the fan community. Fans of Dead Rising and tentacled-eyeballs will be sad to learn that according to the source, both Frank West and Shuma-Gorath were intended to make an appearance in MvC 3.

Capcom released a silhouetted roster of fighters featuring Frank West, but the deadline for finishing fighters meant that West had to be dropped. The heavy workload of the game's other characters meant there was no way to replace him, so  Shuma-Gorath was removed to even things out. however, we now know that fans will have the opportunity to wield the tentacled monstrosity in future DLC.

Some perceptive readers may notice the glaring absence of the character currently at the center of a major resurgence over at Capcom; Mega Man. While some may see that as a sign of Capcom's feelings toward the blue bomber's creator Keiji Inafune - who recently left the company - klennox22 gives a far less sinister reason:

"Mega Man was one of the first characters ruled out - offers nothing unique, says devs. Arthur was added to fill his shoes. #mvc3"

The latest mysterious twitter user, named Harold Blair ('JL_SqdSuprm') gave even more information on the topic, claiming that Inafune personally chose Zero and Tron Bonne to represent the franchise. Blair also revealed a number of development tidbits concerning tough decisions, extra skins, and how familiar combat movesets will be to players of previous titles:

"#mvc3 The team was split on whether to include RE1 Jill or Battle Suit Jill, but Battle Suit won out in the end."

"#mvc3 Jill has a new moveset based on her Battle Suit, her original moveset was attempted, but took up too much RAM."

"#mvc3 Sentinel's alternate costume is the original design from the comics, Jean Grey has her Marvel Girl outfit. I haven't seen many others."

"#mvc3 M. Bison was a serious contender for the Street Fighter villain, but Akuma was brought in to appeal to the Japanese fanbase."

While it's impossible to verify the truth of these claims, serious MvC fans will likely want to read the twitter posts of klennox22 and JL_SqdSuprm in their entirety. Whether they're accurate or not, it does raise interesting questions surrounding the inclusion of some characters and exclusion of others.

Given the triple-A nature of the Marvel Vs. Capcom series, the amount of leaked characters isn't a surprise to anyone. With more and more fighters being announced every day, it's now unclear just how massive the roster will soon become. Mortal Kombat and Super Street Fighter IV will need to come prepared if half of the leaked details are true.

We'll keep you posted as more details arise, but it's obvious that there are plenty of reasons to be getting excited about Marvel Vs. Capcom 3, releasing on PS3 and Xbox 360 on February 11, 2011.

Source: Shoryuken, Twitter

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