'Marvel vs Capcom 3' & 'Street Fighter 4 3D' Hands On

MvC3 SSF43D Edition Hands On Impressions

Capcom hosted another of their now famous Fight Club events on Thursday in Los Angeles. In addition to some sweet swag for fans and appearances from Marvel vs Capcom 3 producers and voice actors, Capcom brought several playable copies of the game along with a few Nintendo 3DS consoles running Super Street Fighter 4 3D Edition for fans to play.

Marvel vs Capcom 3 played great. It is clear the game is coming out in just over a week. It was hard to see if every character in the game is balanced well or whether it will be more like Marvel vs Capcom 2 where there are only a few "tournament playable" characters. Gamers were, however, winning matches with pretty much every character combination there is. Whether or not this reflects true balance or just difference in skill between gamers at the event remains to be seen.

The game really does look great though, and based on my hands-on time with it Thursday, plays very smooth. Capcom fans, Marvel fans, VS game fans, and fighting-game fans in general have a lot to look forward to with Marvel vs Capcom 3.

MvC3 hands on impressions

Super Street Fighter 4 3D Edition is Super Street Fighter 4. While the final release may differ some from what was shown, this portable fighter looks to bring all the action, characters, combos, and modes to the 3DS. This is not the iPhone/iPod Touch version, even though that game is great for what it is. SSF4 3D Edition is the real deal. Fans of SSF4 will feel instantly at home with the 3DS version.

SSF4 3d Nintendo 3ds

The game on the 3DS, however, is not without its faults. The d-pad on the 3DS is a little small. Think of a GameCube d-pad, or maybe even a little smaller. Likewise, the buttons are close together, which could lead to some unintentional button presses in a heated match. Further, gamers used to playing on a fightstick simply won't have that option with the 3DS.

Capcom does try, however, to work within the system's limitations by allowing gamers to have 4 touch-screen virtual buttons on the bottom screen. In the Fight Club playable version of the game these virtual buttons could not be customized, but word was that in the final release gamers will have the option to program each button for each fighter. While purist might object, this could help for some of the complex moves on an otherwise cramped controller.

SSF43d Edition

Another new addition the the 3D Edition of SSF4 is the "dynamic" camera mode. This mode places the camera over the shoulder of the player and provides a unique and...well...dynamic view of the fight. It also does a good job of showcasing the 3D. And while the camera angle looks cool, it is unlikely that hardcore gamers and serious fighters will put in any serious playtime in this mode. It makes it harder to see the distance between fighters and, therefore, gauge and time attacks, blocks, and counters as effectively.

The same could likely also be said for the 3D effect. While SSF4 3D Edition does a good job of providing a 3D effect, even when playing in the traditional camera mode, it really does not add anything to the game. In my time playing and watching the game, my eyes did feel the strain of looking at the 3D. As many have described before, it feels similar to crossing your eyes for too long of a period. Towards the end of my time with the game, I found myself turning off the 3D and just enjoying the game. It looked and played great, even in regular-old 2D.

MvC3 Fight Club Capcom

Regardless of the small d-pad and buttons on the 3DS, fighting fans looking to scratch that itch on the go should really consider Super Street Fighter 4 3D Edition on the 3DS. This game is the real deal and should provide a lot of great matches when on the go.

Fighting-game fans have a lot to look forward to in Marvel vs Capcom 3 and Super Street Fighter 4 3D Edition. And if gamers ever have the opportunity to check out one of Capcom's Fight Club events, do it. Capcom knows how to throw a great party and knows that the games can be the star.

What are your thoughts on Marvel vs Capcom 3 and Super Street Fighter 4 3D Edition? Have you attended a Capcom Fight Club event before? Were you at the recent Los Angeles Fight Club? Are you going to be picking either game when they hit the streets? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Marvel vs Capcom 3 hits the Xbox 360 and PS3 on February 15, 2011.

Super Street Fighter 4 3D Edition is expected to land on the Nintendo 3DS for the console's launch.

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