'Marvel Vs. Capcom 3' Cinematic Trailer Released

Marvel Vs Capcom 3 Cinematic Trailer

Hot on the heels of a number of game details being leaked via Twitter, Gamespot has released a brand new cinematic trailer for the upcoming Marvel Vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds giving a brief look at the motivations and story behind the next installment in the series. The trailer may raise more questions about the game's story than answers, centering around a mysterious vial that seems to be in high demand among both factions of the game's roster.

With a collection of comic book and gaming hall-of-famers populating the game's cast of fighters, it might seem difficult to come up with a reason for all of them to meet in one massive game. The trailer doesn't give an exact answer, but it's unlikely that fans will be disappointed.

The new trailer is surprisingly cinematic, looking more like an animated series than  a trailer, and features Resident Evil's Wesker as the first to be in possession of a mysterious briefcase. While unimpressive enough, the case soon attracts the attention of MODOK, Magneto, and Chris Redfield, among others.

Unlike Tarantino, Capcom does give us a look at the contents of the case: a small vial marked with a bio-hazard warning. Whatever the substance is, it soon draws the attention of the Incredible Hulk and X-23, siding with Redfield over Magneto. Throw in a few more character appearances, and you've got one heck of a mix for a first cinematic.

Theories are wide open on what the vial could contain and how it will play a role in the overall story, so have a look at the brand new cinematic trailer, and decide for yourself:


Speculation can commence on how the remaining rumored characters will fit into this storyline, but it's nice to see that fans of comic books and anime can also get some enjoyment out of the buzz surrounding MvC 3. The previous game videos have shown off a great deal of the combat, but the cinematic focuses on just how interesting an idea it is to see characters from different genres and time periods interacting with each other. If you don't think that Arthur attacking Magneto is a fantastic idea, you are definitely in the minority.

There's no reason why games in the fighting genre can't offer creative story ideas, or garner interest from players outside of the fan-base by expanding their scope. Hopefully now that it's obvious that the fighters and combat have been honed to perfection, Capcom will show us a bit more of the bigger picture features of Fate of Two Worlds. The company has said they expect big things from the game, which may mean that the game will reach new heights outside of combos and balancing.

Marvel vs Capcom 3 Cinematic Hulk

We'll have to wait a few more months to find out just what it is that is so important in that vial, which fans can use to decide whether they'll be picking up the standard copy of the game at launch, or the extra-loaded Special Edition. Either way, the calendar of Marvel Vs. Capcom fans will soon be filled with appointments to dole out brutality in the form of a diminutive knight, or a tentacled-eyeball.

Capcom and Marvel will be bringing stars of the games and pages together to decide their futures when Marvel Vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds launches on the Xbox 360 and PS3 February 15, 2011.

Source: Gamespot

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