The much anticipated game Marvel vs. Capcom 3 has had no shortage of news coverage in recent weeks. There’s such an intense excitement for the title that Capcom actually expects it to outsell Street Fighter IV.

Now, the full costume list has been revealed for the Marvel half of the roster, not only showing the wide variety of designs in and of themselves, but also the large history of the Marvel universe being put to use.

We’ve compiled images of all the alternate Marvel character costumes, courtesy of Marvel and IGN, as well as offered a brief description to help our readers understand the reason for the designs. While the Capcom characters will have their own batch of alternate costumes, the designs on the Marvel side take advantage of the rich history of the franchise and offer up some fun surprises as well as a nostalgic look at how the Marvel characters have been interpreted in different story lines.

Check out the all of the of Marvel costume variants below:


Classic Phoenix Marvel VS Capcom 3

First we have the classic version of Phoenix.

White Phoenix Marvel VS Capcom 3
Next, the “White Phoenix” that appeared in the story “Phoenix: Endsong.” I’m wondering why this look hasn’t appeared more often. It’s pretty nice.

New X-Men Phoenix Marvel VS Capcom 3
Next, we have a costume based on Jean Grey’s costume during her run in the New X-Men.

90s Phoenix Marvel VS Capcom 3
And finally, a costume based off of Jean Grey’s look from the 1990s – which anyone who watched the X-Men cartoon should be familiar with.

And yes, like you, I’m wondering where Dark Phoenix is too. I guess they felt she was overplayed or something.

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