Even after all the bloodshed and horror that was the Great War Between Capcom and Tatsunoko, Capcom has apparently not had its fill and they’ll soon be tackling its greatest enemy of all time, Marvel. A tip from a blogger at Team Spooky, who had been banned from several chat groups for leaking this information and for last year leaking the roster of Street Fighter IV (in fact, he also leaked that Street Fighter IV will be coming to PC, but who wants to play fighting games on a PC anyway?), has stated that Capcom will announce the release of Marvel vs. Capcom 3 in May 2010. Let’s just hope the Marvel heroes won’t face the same fate as those poor bastards at SNK.

Although there is very little information about Marvel vs. Capcom 3 beyond speculation, you should expect new characters (if they haven’t used up all of them already) and tweaks to the fighting engine. Perhaps the learning curve will be more forgiving, and people who haven’t allowed arcades to stay in business for the last fifteen years will be able to enjoy the game.

However, we do have two exclusive tips here at Game Rant about Marvel vs. Capcom. Apparently–and we cannot disclose how we discovered this–Marvel vs. Capcom 3 will have 3600 characters, and a 14-year-old will be better at using all of them than you. You heard it here first.

Just kidding.

What do you want to see in Marvel vs. Capcom 3? Aren’t you still busy playing Street Fighter IV?

Source: Team Spooky