Last week, fans and players of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 found out that one of the first additional characters to be made available through DLC would be Carnage, the infamous Spider-Man villain.

This week, fans got one more character to wait for when it was revealed that the second additional playable character that didn’t ship with the game would be Psylocke, a character that fans of the X-Men should be excited to see. Now, thanks to the VIP section of the official Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 site, we have a look at what her main and alternate costume will be as well as her reveal trailer. Check them out after the jump.

First off, here’ s Psylocke’s reveal trailer:


For an idea of how art director Bryan Shutt and his team came up with the design, here’s what he had to say about the character’s new look:

“Picking Psylocke’s alternate costume was tough because there were a lot of good choices. Some questions I was often asking myself were, “Does it look fun?” and “Does it stand out in a crowd?” Ultimately most people on the project were drawn to her House of M costume. It had a kind of formal appeal to it but without the constraints of a standard dress. Plus I knew that we could really get the dragon motif to pop and shine.”

mua2 psylocke alternate costumeContinue through the pages to see more images of Psylocke, her psy-blades and her pro and anti-registration dossiers…

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