Publisher Activision officially puts out two brand new trailers to promote its re-releases of the Marvel: Ultimate Alliance action role-playing games.

Now that Marvel: Ultimate Alliance and its sequel have been re-released for PC and PlayStation 4, with their availability on Xbox One set for July 28, fans of the franchise may wish to get a better idea as to how the games will look on the latest platforms before purchasing them. Thankfully, Activision put out two brand new trailers for the action-RPGs today, featuring cut-scenes and gameplay centered around the huge selection of super heroes found within the Marvel: Ultimate Alliance titles.

Some folks may recall executive producer Mike Jones’ announcement at this year’s Comic-Con regarding the games’ release date for current systems, which might cause fans to lower their expectations. For those unaware, the Marvel: Ultimate Alliance developer stated that the re-releases aren’t remastered in any way, but their creators put in the best efforts possible to bring them up to the standards of the newest hardware.

“We wanted these re-releases to be as faithful to the original Ultimate Alliance games as possible–the definitive versions. However, the team did work really hard on improving performance, some UI and graphic enhancements, as well as making the games compatible with modern platform features on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. They play really smooth.”

As seen in the trailers for the Marvel: Ultimate Alliance re-releases above, the graphics appear to be slightly improved, but not by much. Not to mention, some players who have experienced the titles’ PC ports have been less than impressed, with the Ultimate Alliance re-releases’ reception being mostly negative on Steam at the time of writing.

For those who are willing to give a chance to the PC and PlayStation 4 ports of the originals—two releases that many consider to be among the best super hero video games of all timeMarvel: Ultimate Alliance and its follow-up can be purchased individually for $40, or altogether in a bundle for $60. Of course, with those costs being close to the asking price for a lot of brand new titles being sold nowadays, plenty of gamers might consider it a risky move, and could decide to save their money until the games are offered with discounts.

Of course, the Marvel: Ultimate Alliance titles are just the latest examples of older video games to get re-released for current generation platforms. Capcom’s also taken a similar course recently, as it ported Resident Evil 4 and for PS4 and Xbox One not too long ago. Whether or not other studios plan on continuing the trend remains to be seen, but should it prove to be profitable for the companies, then it’s a safe bet fans will see even more re-releases in the future.

The re-releases for Marvel: Ultimate Alliance and Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 are available now for PC and PlayStation 4, with their availability on Xbox One set for July 28, 2016.

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