Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Trailer Confirms X-Men

marvel ultimate alliance 3 x-men

More Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order information continues to be shared leading up to E3 2019. The action game's newest trailer once again shows off some of Ultimate Alliance 3's huge roster of playable characters. However, rather than any single character, this new trailer introduces a group that some Marvel fans were wondering would make the cut or not. The X-Men are now confirmed to be returning in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3.

Nintendo and Team Ninja had previously confirmed that Wolverine was playable in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, but today's trailer shows there're many more X-Men than just Logan. The trailer opens with a look at a picture taken from within the Xavier Institute, a photo of the X-Men team that's likely to be found in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3.

As for gameplay, only a few X-Men characters are shown as playable including Storm, Nightcrawler, Pyslocke (unclear if it's Betsy or Kwannon), and the previously-confirmed Wolverine. Several other mutants like Beast, Scarlet Witch, and Deadpool are shown, but only from cinematic cutscenes and not gameplay. There are also three villain mutants like Magneto, Mystique, and Juggernaut shown, including a fight against all three at the same time. It's unclear if the mutants shown in the cinematics or the villains will end up playable or not.

Going back to that initial photo from the Xavier Institute, it could be hinting at future X-Men playable characters yet to be introduced. In the photo but missing from gameplay are Cyclops, Colossus, and Professor X.

The X-Men being a large part of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 isn't really a surprise. The team and its villains have been a large part of the franchise so far, but only a few members are confirmed so far. Who knows, maybe Iceman, Jean Grey, and Cable will return for the newest version of the game, too.

The full roster of playable characters in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 is already huge, but there's always room for more. Expect more information on which X-Men will be playable in the weeks between now and launch.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order releases July 19 exclusively on the Nintendo Switch.

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