Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: Miles Morales Spider-Man Gameplay Revealed

marvel ultimate alliance 3 miles morales

New details regarding Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 continue to be shared day to day, but today's character reveal is bound to be received well by Marvel fans. Star of the recent hit animated film, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, Miles Morales will be joining the upcoming Nintendo Switch-exclusive ARPG. Miles' addition to the Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 roster brings the total number of playable characters up to 28.

According to Game Informer, which has an exclusive deal to share Marvel Ultimate Alliance's current marketing efforts, Miles will employ a unique mixture of web and electric attacks. Since both Peter Parker's Spider-Man and Spider-Gwen are both already confirmed for the game, Miles' Spider-Man needs his own unique selection of abilities. Given Miles' comic book ability to control his own bioelectricity and lace his attacks with it, it's an interesting design direction.

A short trailer featuring Miles at work in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 showcases his four in-game abilities. Miles utilizes a mixture of close and long-range abilities, as well as physical attacks like punching. His Web Shooter ability spreads multiple electrified webs onto the ground in front him, the Surprise Strike lets him go invisible and then strike with a powerful hit, Venom Strike is a ground pound with an electrical area of effect, and then High Voltage Lines shoots several electrified web shots in a line in front of him while chaining a shock effect to nearby enemies.

In other words, Miles is just as overpowered as every Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 character. The better to clear the floor of dozens of nameless henchmen. The secret to success in Ultimate Alliance games is less dealing damage so much as efficiently dealing damage while maintaining high mobility. Miles is no slouch in this regard, either, as he can web-sling above the ground with the simple press of a button.

While this isn't Miles Morales first major video game appearance, as he's starred in some LEGO Marvel games, his role in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 may be his most significant yet. Miles is an increasingly popular character, originally thought up in the Ultimate Spider-Man comic series and eventually brought back to the "main" Marvel universe where he's now a member of the Champions group of young superheroes. Who knows, maybe he'll even supplant Peter Parker as the star of Insomniac's next Spider-Man video game?

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 releases July 19 exclusively on Nintendo Switch.

Source: Game Informer

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