Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Reveals Two New Characters

marvel ultimate alliance 3 new characters revealed

Only a few months are left before the release of Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 3 – The Black Order, so it seems like the perfect time for some more detailed information about the Switch title to start being revealed. Fans of prior Ultimate Alliance games know that there will likely be an enormous roster of characters to play with, but so far Team Ninja hasn't revealed the final list of playable characters just yet.

During a recent hands-on demo with the game, Game Informer was lucky enough to get a first look at two brand new characters. Alongside the core team of traditional Avengers, it looks like both Hawkeye and Ms. Marvel are also going to be a part of the action-packed co-op superhero Switch exclusive.

Hawkeye seems to be sporting a costume that is much closer to the modern comics era than movie fans may recognize, but we wouldn't be surprised if alternate skins eventually unlock a version that makes Clint look a little more like his MCU iteration. Ms. Marvel is also sporting her most iconic comic book costume and her book's cult following is sure to go crazy when we get to see her shape-shifting powers in action.


In recent years both Hawkeye and Kamala Khan have had fan favorite comic book runs that made the pair some of the most popular heroes amongst readers. The inclusion of these two in the game seems like a good indication that the team is in tune with the fanbase and knows what characters and designs are popular in the fanbase.

Aside from the announcement trailer, there hasn't been much fanfare surrounding the upcoming game, but hopefully that is all about to change in the final months leading up to launch.

Be sure to check back in the coming weeks for more Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 3 – The Black Order news and updates.

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 3 – The Black Order release on July 19, exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

Source: Game Informer

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