Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: 10 Missing Heroes Who Need To Be DLC, Ranked

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 managed to bring together a roster of most of Marvel's most iconic and popular heroes and villains. The roster has expanded after its release with both paid and free characters added as downloadable content. With the Marvel Knights DLC set to release in the coming month and both Vision and Valkyrie leaked as additions to the roster, it's time to look at other possibilities for expanding the team.

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Between non-playable characters and missing faces, let's look at 10 missing heroes who need to be DLC and rank them.

10 M'Baku

M'Baku was a surprising but welcome character in the first Black Panther film that took both casual and hardcore Marvel fans by surprise. He was played so well by Winston Duke, who made the character intimidating yet charismatic.

Unlike the agile and swift T'Challa, M'Baku is all about brute strength. The film brought African culture into the spotlight via afro-future set pieces and it'd be nice to see the people of Wakanda show up in a major way inside Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3.

9 Namor

With Black Panther 2 recently announced to be in active development, there are rumors swirling that it may feature a face-off between T'Challa and Namor. Kevin Feige has stated that Namor is a character they've wanted to bring into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and with the easter egg in Avengers: Endgame it seems his time to shine may be soon.

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Adding him as DLC in the game will help familiarize Marvel fans with the character and let them see him as more than just Marvel's version of Aquaman.

8 Nova

Despite him appearing as a non-playable character, fans aren't satisfied with his inclusion in the game. It was recently discussed by Kevin Feige that Nova aka Richard Ryder is one of the heroes that's in active development to be introduced into the MCU in a real way.

Nova is a character whose popularity has never matched how cool of a character he is in terms of costume design and powers. Modern-day fans pick up on things quickly, so adding him as DLC may make a great impression before he's introduced in live-action.

7 Shuri

Shuri not being in the game whatsoever is arguably the most egregious miss of them all. Not only did she skyrocket in popularity due to how much of an impact she made in the first Black Panther film, but she was featured in the third act of Avengers: Infinity War.

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It's not like they had to put her in the Black Panther suit as well, as they could have given her the gauntlets she wore and made her a long-range character. Here's hoping Shuri sees the love as DLC in this Marvel game or any other.

6 Winter Soldier

The game lets players play as both Captain America and Falcon, but for some reason gave Bucky Barnes the cold shoulder. Throughout Cap's MCU trilogy and the recent Avengers films, Bucky has become one of the good guys.

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If the concern was having a character who only wielded guns, the workaround could have been making him a melee-based character who rocks enemies with his vibranium arm. Not completing the trio as playable heroes feels like quitting a race two-thirds of the way through.

5  She-Hulk

At D23 in 2019, Disney and Marvel announced that their streaming service, Disney+, would be getting a series based on She-Hulk. This came out of nowhere since most people thought the Hulk-related properties were trapped behind licensing rights with Universal.

Jennifer Walters has always played a big part with the Avengers and on the streets of New York as a lawyer. It's about time that Marvel fans at large understand how important Walters is and just how powerful she is in comparison to her cousin Bruce Banner.

4 Beast

Beast is very much the Donatello of the X-Men. He's arguably the smartest and most important members in terms of strategy and preparation but is often overlooked in favor of the cooler or more powerful people around him. For those too young to understand the reference, Donatello was the purple bandana member of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. 

The likeliest reason for him appearing in the game but not being playable is likely due to him mostly being a melee character without any exciting moves or powers.

3 Ant-Man

The developers of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, Team Ninja, did an excellent job of prioritizing many of the popular characters from the MCU while still including some B-tier and C-tier characters even Marvel diehards had to do a double-take on. A weird miss on their part though is including Ant-Man but as a non-playable character.

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Paul Rudd has brought the character to life and he's become many people's favorite Avenger. With Valkyrie and Vision leaked as DLC maybe there are plans to make other non-playable characters playable.

2  Laura Kinney/X-23

To the unassuming, this may seem like a character who's simply a reskin of Logan's Wolverine, but Laura Kinney is much more than a copy of him. She fights in her style and is often more agile and quick in combat than her brutally aggressive counterpart.

During Tom Taylor's Laura Kinney Wolverine run, he showcased why she's brilliant as her own character and helped slingshot her popularity even further. Similar abilities didn't stop them from including 3 different Spider-Men, don't draw the line at X-23.

1 Jean Grey

Jean Grey seems like the biggest and most obvious miss in terms of people who should already be on the roster but aren't. When the slew of X-Men characters was announced as DLC many people scratched their heads as Jean Grey wasn't a character who popped up.

It could be due to her power and the fact that she's an Omega level mutant if not for Magneto being playable. Who knows? She may end up being a character added as free DLC in the future as a fun random addition.

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