10 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do In Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

The Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Dark Order hype train is still chuggin’ along at full speed. The game was released back on July 19th of 2019 to fabulous reviews and gamers are still picking through the game to discover all of the secrets and fun things you can do.

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From figuring out the best teams to finding all of the secret characters, to the best grinding spots, all of the information is still coming out. In fact, there still isn’t a complete guide out on IGN or GameFAQ. So, having scoured various reviews, smaller sites, and the crevices of Reddit, here are ten things you didn’t know you could do in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Dark Order.

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10 Revive Your Teammates

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order is a tough game at times. You have to go about crafting your team very carefully for the best bonuses. You have to strategically apply your ISO-8 crystals, and when the battles finally come, you have to play in an intelligent, mindful matter to survive. The Infinity Rift trials are especially taxing.

However, no matter how much you plan and strategize, even if your playing with friends, someone on your team is going to go down eventually. Fear not though, because you can revive fallen teammates. It’ll be trickier to do when playing solo but it is possible nonetheless.

9 The Perfect Single Player Camera

Sometimes the one thing that can make or break a game playing experience is the camera. If you can’t see what you're doing, it's impossible to play. Cameras whirling around during combat make it hard to keep track of the action and can lead to frequent and frustrating deaths.

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However, if the standard camera setting for Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 isn’t suitable for you, there is no need to worry as there is a better option. Under the settings menu, if you pick the Heroic camera set up, it should prove to be much better than the classic mode camera set up.

8 Replay High XP Missions

Many video games require grinding to level up characters, abilities, and to advance through the game. However, as you become a higher level and need more XP to advance, the grinding process can slow down to a crawl. Most games with this sort of playstyle decrease the amount of XP you can gain with each playthrough. However, in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, this is not the case.

No matter how many times you play through a mission, the XP payout will never decrease. So, you can grind these missions over and over again to level up your heroes.

7 Dodge!

Don’t let the title fool you. Of course, you can dodge in this game, as you can in most other games. Consider this more as a reminder that, yes, you can dodge in this game. When you have dozens of enemies running at you from all directions, it can be easy to forget that you don’t have to stand there and take the hits.

This will especially be crucial to remember as you take on bigger and stronger bosses. These bosses will hit harder and no matter how durable your team is, you don’t want to take any hits from them. So remember: Dodge!

6 There’s a Tip Menu to Read

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 is a seriously in-depth game. There’s a lot to remember, tons of things to keep track of, and it can all get jumbled up. All is not lost though. There is a tip menu that you can read through at any time. It has entries on everything from how to proceed through the enhancement grid, how to do Synergy attacks, and basic mechanics, like the dodging we mentioned earlier.

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We all need tips from time to time, whether you just aren’t sure about something or if you forgot how to do things. So, there's no shame in having to pursue the tip menu to refresh your memory.

5 Breaking Up ISO-8 Crystals

If you want to rise through the ranks and have a team that conquers any challenge that gets thrown at it, you’ll need to use your ISO-8 crystals. These little gems can be modified and put on characters to boost their abilities and stats so they become even stronger, or make up for some of their weaknesses. However, it can feel like a commitment to do so.

What if the perfect hero for that crystal you already used comes around? Well fear not, you can use can the ISO-8 crystals over and over again. You can shape them for what you need them to be and put them on whatever character needs it. So don’t be stingy!

4 Throw and Punch Everything!

Arguably, there isn’t a whole lot of loose items in the environment for your heroes to interact with. However, don’t let this fool you into thinking that nothing can be thrown or broken. If you let yourself be lured into this assumption, you’re going to miss out on XP cubes hidden throughout the game in crates.

Not to mention, the Sentinels drop explosive cores that are vital to defeating them quickly and easily. So, even if it looks like you can't break it or grab it, go ahead and try to punch and throw everything you come across as you play through the game.

3 Pull Off Synergy With the AI

Obviously, it's easy to pull off Synergy attacks when playing with your friends. Whether you’re all in the same place or playing online, it's easy to cinch up your special attacks into a Synergy combo. However, if you’re playing with AI, this might seem impossible to accomplish. How are you supposed to coordinate with a computer?

Well, you don’t have to necessarily. By pushing a certain button combo when performing your special attack, the AI will fire off theirs as well. In addition, the AI will fire off their attack on their own and you will receive a quick, and very missable prompt to launch your special attack.


1 Play As Thanos

Last but certainly not least, is the Mad Titan himself; Thanos. Only through much trial and tribulation can you unlock Thanos to add to your team in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3. This powerhouse villain won’t be easy though. You’ll have to play through the entire game multiple times, beat scores of tough Infinity Challenges and that is simply to get the chance to play the challenge required to unlock him.

That Infinity Trial will require all of the team-building skills you have in order to come out the other side of it victorious and with a brand new character to play around with.

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