Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Reveals Curse of the Vampire DLC Screens

mua 3 blade punisher moon knight dlc

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3's first premium DLC pack, the Curse of the Vampire character pack, releases September 30. Despite launching in less than a month, virtually no information, images, or trailers have been released for the DLC. What's known so far is that Curse of the Vampire will add four characters to Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3.  Blade, Moon Knight, Punisher, and Morbius, as well as a new Gauntlet Mode, will be introduced in the first of three DLC packs in the Expansion Pass.

For those excited for every morsel of detail about forthcoming Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 content, three small new screenshots have been found. The project page for the Curse of the Vampire DLC on Nintendo's Japanese website had the three images in a rotating slider. The slider is intended to showcase the new Gauntlet mode, but also includes the first in-game screenshot of what looks to be Frank, the Punisher. That it's difficult to tell captures the quality of the screenshot.

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Gauntlet mode is described as up to four players going into "an intense series of co-op challenges in rapid succession to earn rewards." There's also an Endurance Mode, an endless fight for survival and high scores. One of the screenshots shows what this Gauntlet Mode leaderboard looks like, though it's unfortunately in Japanese. It's great to see that the leaderboard will also record the player's team composition as well, though.

The third screenshot shows what's likely the menu for the cooperative levels in Curse of the Vampire. Players will be able to select from 5 different options, each at a different level. Players can then, perhaps, earn a star rating on the levels that will be recorded. Given that the text is untranslated and few details are known about this mode, this screenshot could be showing something completely different.

curse of the vampire gameplay
mua 3 gauntlet mode
mua 3 gauntlet leaderboard

The Curse of the Vampire DLC pack is just the first of 3 DLC packs planned for Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3. The 3 packs are bundled into Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3's Expansion Pass, which costs $19.99. Each pack contains new playable characters and story content. The two packs planned to follow Curse of the Vampire will focus on the Fantastic Four and X-Men. More information on those packs is expected in the weeks and months ahead.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 is available now exclusively on the Nintendo Switch.

Source: Destructoid

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