10 Characters Missing From Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 (Who Could Actually Show Up)

After taking a long time off, the Marvel: Ultimate Alliance series has returned with its third installment; Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order. The game follows a familiar story that fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe will easily recognize. However,  the array of heroes teaming up against Thanos is much more extensive than in Avengers: Infinity War or Endgame. Although there is such an extensive cast, there are some members of the Marvel Universe that weren’t included in the game. Many of them have been in earlier games and we hoped they would be included in this installment as well.

10 Silver Surfer

This tragic character is among those that could have provided the cosmic storyline with a more in-depth look. After sacrificing himself for the world and the woman whom he loved, Silver Surfer (Norrin Radd) was forced to act as Galactus’ ward, leading him to worlds that he could feast upon. In the game's space battles, Silver Surfer would have supplied a more classic battle style, where he could easily glide through the arena without being mortally limited by his humanity. The former Defender would have also been paired up with some of his old teammates, which makes the relationships between characters much richer.

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9 Fantastic Four

Among some of the confirmed characters are everyone’s favorite quartet. The Fantastic Four are all characters that will eventually be playable as DLCs and other updates are implanted into the game. Along with them, the story will continue to expand to include more members of the X-Men and other groups. The Fantastic Four had previously been absent due to a lack of ownership of their rights, but after the announcement at Nintendo’s E3 2019, we can expect to see more of them. This is valid since they recently teased an upcoming game.

8 Jean Grey/ Phoenix

Jean Grey as a character has never been heavily touched upon. Although after she absorbs the entity known as Phoenix, she unlocks a whole new set of abilities never before imaginable. The power she tries to use for good ends up overtaking her, leading to the villain Dark Phoenix. In Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2, this character was implemented. Fans regarded her as a badass beast. Her flying abilities and range allowed her to deal out some damage and keep hordes of enemies at bay.

7 Doctor Doom

Understandably, no one really wants a repeat of villains once they’ve been defeated. Doom being the main antagonist of the first installment is no different. However, Ultimate Alliance 3 does not follow the continuity of all the others, making him the perfect candidate to join Thanos’ army. This villain comes as a special addition since he is the main nemesis of the Fantastic Four who will receive their DLC soon. This villain has also been known to search for the Infinity Stones as well, giving him purpose to either follow Thanos or betray him and search for them on his own.

6 Adam Warlock

Unless one has read the comics, you wouldn’t know who this superhuman is. Adam Warlock is one of the most superpowered and awesomely good characters in the universe. This character supplies the ultimate rival for Thanos. As a founding member of the Infinity Watch, he has made it his mission to defend the Stones at all costs. This oath has naturally brought him into contact with Thanos more than a few times. The immortal Warlock has the superpowers of cosmic power and manipulation. He can more effectively fight in space, unlike other heroes who are limited by their humanity and need for oxygen.

5 Emma Frost

Her debut may have been as a villain, but this popular mutant is more than that. Having the ability to wield telepathic and telekinetic skills, she is a dangerous foe whose ranged attacks are useful. As she progressed in the X-Men comics she joined the Xavier Institute faculty, where she was able to further develop her skills. There she earned the ability to transform her body into "diamond skin", making her indestructible. Whether it is using her as a defense character or for her telekinetic abilities to put down foes, incorporating Emma Frost would supply a change to Ultimate Alliance 3's usual gameplay .

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4 Carnage

It's just unfair—we have Venom, Spider-Man, Spider Gwen, and Miles Morales...but no Carnage. Carnage might be a villain, but he is still one of the most well-developed characters of his time. The Symbiote that bonded with Cletus Kasady was the offspring of Venom, making the story much more complex. Carnage is full of rage and holds all the powers of any other Symbiote. Fueled by his rage, he can surpass even Venom who can be one of a most dangerous enemies. In Ultimate Alliance 2, Carnage was an ally; who's to say he can’t be in the third version?

3 X-23

We have most of the X-Men present, save a few. Who wouldn’t want an awesome, clawed team? X-23 is the clone of Wolverine but mostly referred to as his daughter. This mutant has two claws, unlike the three that her father has, although they still get the job done. Since she is a copy of Wolverine, she has the same healing properties and heightened skills. The addition of this character would support some skillful combos and even an added combo with both her and her father. The attacks would be some of the most fast-paced and close combat ever before seen.

2 Archangel

When you are born with wings like Warren Worthington III, there isn’t much you can’t do. The mutant is an addition to the X-Men who was worth their while. Having been captured by the evil organization Apocalypse, he was enhanced, turning his wings into a weapon. The threat posed by this character is massive. Having the ability to detach feathers and use them as daggers comes in handy when dealing with many enemies at quick speeds. He can offer a more defensive game, using his wings as a barrier. But the damage-dealing part is still there with his razor-sharp wings.

1 Cloak and Dagger

These two characters could be considered some of the most complex in the MCU. They started as normal kids, having no earlier experience dealing with heroes or anything out of this world. But after they were experimented on by a mad scientist, they became Cloak and Dagger. Cloak is an anti-hero who absorbs others and sends them off to the dark realm; Dagger has the ability of light powers, in the form of a dagger. They are both particularly unique characters that could supply special attacks when used together. They had previously appeared in the second installment of the series, but only as non-playable characters.

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