Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: Alternate Costumes Missing From The Game

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 was a hit in many different ways. Alongside good but not great critical reception the game sold extremely well on the Nintendo Switch and likely justified not only its development but made a follow-up extremely likely.

The game was an invest on Nintendo's part and it paid off in full. Despite this, there's still one glaring weakness for the game that's gotten better with downloadable content, the alternate costumes. Let's look at 9 alternate costumes missing from the game that need to be added tomorrow.

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9 Hulk - Red Hulk

Not only is this one of the more iconic alternate forms of the Hulk, but it'd likely take the least amount of work as it is essentially a palette swap for the character. Red Hulk technically isn't Bruce Banner, but someone playing a beat em' up game isn't going to make too much of a fit about it.

People love using the character for his overwhelming strength and destructive behavior which is only multiplied in his red form. They've recently added his gladiator costume from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, so he may be done in terms of alternate skins.

8 Hawkeye - Ronin

Thanks to Avengers: Endgame, the persona of Ronin that Hawkeye and others have taken on during dark parts of their life in the comics is now mainstream. For many years Hawkeye has been a go-to joke in Marvel comics and received many of those same remarks as a character in the MCU.

The Ronin costume helped turn him into a cool but dangerous antihero who immediately caught the eye of naysayers. If Hulk can get his gladiator outfit in the game then Clint Barton should get the chance to rock the Ronin gear.

7 Cyclops - House Of X

House of X/Powers of X is Johnathan Hickman's X-Men story that's bringing the X-Men back into the fold in a major way. It's no coincidence that Marvel signed on one of the most respected comic writers to do this after acquiring the X-Men rights back after their purchase of Fox properties.

Without spoiling the comic series for people looking to dive in, it features new costumes for many of the characters as the story takes place in a different type of setting. Cyclops' new look encapsulates his leader persona.

6 Captain America - Infinity War

Most people would say they prefer this version of Steve Rogers simply because Chris Evans sporting an amazing beard in this costume. That's a tough thing to argue against because bearded Captain America is something you just can't disagree with.

The costume could come as part of a packaged piece of free DLC that maybe focuses on the Civil War event? It could also include the Iron Spider costume as well. It's tough to compete with Cap's classic costume, but the bearded look isn't too shabby.

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5 Wasp - MCU Suit

When the roster was revealed for the game many fans were excited that Wasp made the cut. Unlike the MCU, Wasp was a part of the Avengers since their inception. She's always been an important character in the comics and thankfully she's coming into her own on the big screen in live-action. Her gold, navy, and red suit from the Ant-Man films is well-designed and sleek.

It would be a great choice as an alternate suit for her and get people even more excited for her future in the MCU.

4 Spider-Man - Advanced Suit

Now, this may be the most controversial choice on this entire list considering Spider-Man has so many different suits at his disposal. The argument to be made here is Marvel Games wanted to create synergy and cohesion among their projects.

Letting players use the suit Insomniac Games created for Marvel's Spider-Man on PlayStation 4 could help tie everything together and show how Marvel embraces these original creations. With the Game of the Year edition recently releasing it would be a great marketing tactic.

3 Ms. Marvel - New Suit

Despite being a newer character in Marvel comics Kamala Khan has exploded in terms of popularity and recently was announced as the featured character in a new series coming to Disney+. Kevin Feige also confirmed that Kamala would also appear in the MCU live-action films.

In her current ongoing series, The Magnificent Ms. Marvel Kamala recently received a costume upgrade via Kree nanosuit technology. It features most of the original costume design but has added flair and detail. Easily the best choice as a DLC alternate suit for Ms. Khan.

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2 Magneto - House Of X

Just like with Cyclops, the metal god himself Magneto also receives a costume upgrade in Johnathan Hickman's House of X/Powers of X series. His new suit is all-white and the monochromatic design lends itself to his intimidating nature that exudes simply by existing. His classic suit is iconic but the coloring of it comes off as a classic comic book villain suit.

This cleaner look lends itself to the ego and stature of the character and exemplifies his serious nature in all things that concern him.

1 Miles Morales - Into The Spider-Verse

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse not only set a new standard for the pinnacle of Western animated films, but it introduced the world at large to Miles Morales. The movie made so many wonderful and risky artistic choices that ended up paying off in the long run.

Though it's not his main suit, his first costume in the movie has become iconic for the character and a go-to cosplay choice for fans. Origin suits aren't always the best, but in terms of Miles Morales, it's the only one fans want.

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