Every Boss In Marvel's Spider-Man, Ranked

There are a number of bosses in Marvel’s Spider-Man that are both familiar faces and some interesting lesser known villains. Each has a unique set of powers and skills that can make them either a challenging test of your skills or an annoying dance of combat.

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Each of the bosses is ranked based on the difficulty of their battle or the threat they pose to the player indirectly. There are also a few tips to help you bring down the bad guys once and for all to return a little peace to the streets and rooftops of New York.

12 Screwball

Screwball lives up to the name with her obsession over clicks and social media likes as she tries to generate a following by pitting you against her traps. You’ll feel like an exploited circus performer as you navigate her challenges and come to the end only to discover you’re not saving some helpless victim, but Screwball herself.

Her Random Viewers may pose a little bit of a threat but honestly, she barely qualifies as a boss in this story.

11 Silver Sable

Silver Sable is similar to Screwball in the sense that you never fight her directly but will go up against her minions. Unlike Screwball, Silver Sable’s minions can be challenging thanks to their jetpacks and rocket launchers.

Ultimately as you progress, Silver Sable will be convinced to join your side of things and you’ll have a helpful ally. Not that you won't have to deal with jetpacks and rocket launchers, they just won’t be doing Silver Sable’s bidding.

10 King Pin

King Pin is one of the few villains on the list who doesn’t have powers or futuristic tech which also makes him one of the easier bosses to fight. In fact, his boss fight is meant to act as a tutorial for boss fights going forward.

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To defeat him, use your web abilities to take down his turrets, hurl them back at the mob boss and get some hits in while he’s vulnerable.

9 Electro

Electro teams up with Vulture to bring you down and is the easier of the two to fight. His electrical attacks aren’t too hard to dodge and he broadcasts his vulnerability by hovering over a generator. When he does web him down and pummel him.

In fact, the best strategy in this duo boss fight is to take him down first to make fighting Vulture easier.

8 Vulture

Honestly, Vulture isn’t all that much more difficult to take down once you know his attack patterns. From mid-air, he’ll initiate a combo of attacks that can do some damage if they strike you, but shouldn’t be too hard to dodge. Once you get a feel for his pattern then you can rush in and get some hits before he has time to recover.

7 Scorpion

Scorpion is an interesting boss because the first time you face him he manages to poison you which puts you on an acid trip turning the ground into lethal acid. He also spawns a few replicas around the city for you to face as you try to find a cure.

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The real fight comes when he teams up with Rhino which can be tricky. Stay on your toes to avoid his poison attacks, swing around to recover some health, and then use Impact Webbing to bring his health down.

6 Rhino

Rhino is one tough customer with his metallic armor and will be invulnerable to damage until you can stun him. You’ll want to throw things at him or get him to charge into an object to stun him. After you’ve offed Scorpion you can focus your attention on hitting Rhino while he’s down.

The key is to avoid his projectiles and stay out of melee until he’s stunned, otherwise you won’t crack his armor and he’ll pummel you into the ground.

5 Shocker

Shocker is an easy fight the first time around as it’s mostly chasing with basic dodging and striking. The final phase is a little tougher as you won’t be able to defeat him until you use the environment to your advantage. Avoid his AOE attacks and beams of air, then use your web powers to whittle him down before dropping the ceiling on him.

4 Tombstone

Tombstone is a little different as a boss in that he’s very resistant to damage until you hit him with a cure for his powers. The minions you fight in the first phase give you a taste of his abilities so pay attention and use that knowledge to your advantage.

What you want to do is Web Bomb him until he’s stunned then rush in and deliver the antidote. Now that his powers are stunted you’ll get more chances to go toe to toe, just watch out for his fire chain attacks.

3 Taskmaster

Taskmaster is an annoying side boss. His first phase isn’t a big deal, but it unfortunately makes him tougher later on. After completing all of his tedious challenges you’ll engage him in a straight forward brawl that requires you to get perfect dodges before he becomes vulnerable to attacks. If you’ve been practicing dodges then you’re golden, if you haven’t then this can be your toughest boss fight.

2 Mr. Negative

Surprisingly, this early boss has proven challenging for many fans. His first form is a cakewalk, but the final form is why he ranks so high. With his demon henchmen who are somewhat competent and his demonic super form he can be a problem.

The idea is crowd control with his henchmen to avoid getting swarmed or distracted and then hurling objects at Mr. Negative until he reverts to his normal form. Once this happens rush in and do as much damage ass you can before backing off again.

1 Doctor Octopus

It’s only fitting that the mastermind behind it all and Peter’s good friend is the hardest boss to fight in the game. Corrupted by his mechanical prosthetics Doctor Octopus is the one who formed the Sinister Six and caused the chaos sweeping New York City.

The battle is simple in concept but requires a combination of skills to survive. In the first phase it’s a dance of dodging attacks and keeping a distance until there’s an opening to rush in and get some hits. In the last phase the floor becomes electrified forcing you to use your webs to avoid the floor and pull off the same tactics. Reflecting objects back to stun him also helps.

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