On the video game side, Marvel Comics has been quite busy as they help prepare to launch Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite next month, and are continuing projects set to release in 2018 like Spider-Man for PlayStation 4 and the still secret Avengers collaboration with Square Enix. It would appear Marvel isn’t done there as the company has just filed a new trademark for its popular Secret Wars story line.

While trademarks are nothing new to companies like Marvel, fans took notice back on August 18th when the phrase Secret Wars was officially filed with the US Patent and Trademark Office. What made this trademark even more interesting is that it’s intended for computer and online games, not comics. There’s a lot of potential places Marvel could go with this story-heavy event from a standalone game, to DLC for a title like LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2.

Originally released as a limited series in the 80s, Secret Wars pit some of the biggest heroes and villains of the company against one another on an alien planet that was actually created from other planets. The event was brought back recently, though the story focused on characters from parallel dimensions fighting on a planet created from surviving realities. Based on that information, a game created out of those ideas has a lot of potential, especially through a fighting game in a similar style to the Marvel vs or Injustice franchises.

Outside of the fact that the trademark is intended for video game software of some kind, there are still a lot of unknowns. It’s possible that this very well could be a brand new game in development, or it could also be an upcoming expansion or level pack for one of the Marvel games currently in development. Not only that, the fact that the trademark covers everything from home consoles to mobile devices means fans will be left speculating until Marvel eventually pulls the curtains back on the secret project.

Source: BleedingCool (via United States Patent and Trademark Office)