Australian Ratings Board Outs 'Marvel Pinball'

Marvel Pinball on XBLA and PSN

Ratings Boards are always a great place for random accidental game announcements and it has once again proven fruitful -- sort of. This time our Aussie friends have accidentally outed a random upcoming game called Marvel Pinball. The game is said to be published by Zen Studios, the same guys who are responsible for Pinball FX on the Xbox Live Arcade and Zen Pinball on the PlayStation Network, and are currently working on Pinball FX 2 for XBLA. So these guys are in their element to say the least.

The game will apparently not be console exclusive, which makes Marvel Pinball seem less like an add-on (something these game are known for) and more like its very own stand-alone downloadable game. All we really know about the title is that it'll be a "multiplatform" title and will likely feature characters from the Marvel universe (duh), but other than that there is absolutely nothing else for comic book and pinball fans to sink their teeth into.

Well, actually there is one more piece of info in the Rating Board evaluation. The game has online! Again, other than the fact that we know there's online we have no idea in what capacity it will appear. It's easy to assume that it'll be leaderboards because I'm not sure how Vs. pinball would work... although now I kind of want to see how that would turn out. Imagine two sets of paddles on opposite sides of a pinball table. Yeah, that would be awesome.

I guess we will have to wait for an official announcement regarding Marvel Pinball in the near future because as it is now we have no release date and no price point. Stay tuned to Game Rant for more news regarding Marvel Pinball and everything else videogame.

Would you buy Marvel Pinball? What themed pinball game would you like to see next?

Source: OFLC

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