'Marvel Pinball' Announced for XBLA and PSN

Marvel Pinball

It wasn't long ago that the Australian Ratings Board outed a game called 'Marvel Pinball' and we were left wondering just what Marvel was thinking. Thankfully, we've finally gotten an official announcement (and a trailer) confirming that the title is coming and coming soon. The game is being developed by Zen Studios, the same people behind the latest and greatest pinball game, Pinball FX 2, on the XBLA.

Marvel Pinball will feature four well-known characters from the Marvel universe such as Spider-Man, Iron Man, Blade, and Wolverine. The super hero pinball title will be released digitally on XBLA and PSN. The tables will load into Pinball FX 2 on XBLA and be released as a standalone version on the PlayStation Network.

You can check out the four new tables in action here:


If those characters aren't cutting it for you then you'll be happy to learn that Zen Studios is already planning more pinball tables as DLC. They allegedly have "access to the entire Marvel Universe IP". Zsolt Kigyossy, Managing Director for Zen Studios, wants to assure fans that "this is just the beginning of Marvel Pinball," and that " you can count on more of your favorite Marvel heroes and villains to be making appearances in the near future."

Zen Studios promises new tables being released well into 2011, and even the official Marvel Pinball website is currently hosting a poll to determine which super hero will receive their table next. Captain America, The Hulk, The Fantastic Four, and Ghost Rider are all options, so if you want to get your virtual mitts on one of these tables then you may want to mosey on over and give your two cents.

Marvel Pinball looks like an nostalgia-filled fun-fest and it'll be available surprisingly soon: the game is set to light up XBLA and PSN in December. While no price point has been released for the game you should expect it to fall into the traditional $5 to $10 or 400 to 800 Microsoft points range. Either way, it's a lot cheaper than that Spider-Man pinball machine you saw on eBay that you instructed your significant other to get you for Christmas.

Is Marvel Pinball something that appeals to you? Which Marvel Super Hero would you like to see get their own table next?

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