Marvel Heroes Omega Coming to PS4 and Xbox One

marvel heroes omega

Gazillion Entertainment has announced that a follow-up to its 2013 PC RPG Marvel Heroes is coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One this spring. The game, Marvel Heroes Omega, will draw inspiration from both action RPGs and MMOs.

Lead characters for the new game will include Spider-Man, the Avengers, the Guardians of the Galaxy, and the X-Men. Players will progress through a nine-chapter story campaign featuring villains Loki and Doctor Doom, heading into battle with a roster of 38 characters in total at launch.

The game was announced first for PlayStation 4 via the below trailer before being quickly confirmed for Xbox One as well. Gazillion states that a closed beta will be available for both consoles sometime soon.

While Marvel Heroes Omega will be free-to-play like its predecessor on PC, it's unclear at this time if Omega represents a full sequel to that title or if it will be closer to a port of the PC game. Taking a glance at the trailer, the gameplay does look largely similar to the original Marvel Heroes but we'll have to wait for the closed beta to find out more. Support for the PC title is expected to continue, but Omega likely won't support cross-platform play between it and the PC or even between the two console versions.

Many gamers thought Marvel Heroes was underwhelming when it was first revealed four years ago, but to its credit, Gazillion has released a steady stream of updates and new content and the game is in a much different spot now than it was in 2013. In fact, Gazillion re-branded the game as Marvel Heroes 2016 last year, presumably in an effort to suggest so much had been changed and improved that this was a completely new game. It also opened up a new entry on Metacritic as well, so it's possible Gazillion simply wanted to distance itself from the initial onslaught of negative Marvel Heroes reviews.

For those that might not be aware, Marvel Heroes is a top down dungeon crawler (think Diablo) set in the brand's comic book universe. Even so, the game frequently features tie-ins with the latest happenings in the Marvel movie universe, and one would expect Omega to follow suit, likely starting with content for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 this spring.

Marvel Heroes Omega will release this spring for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Marvel Heroes is out now on PC.

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