Marvel Releases Free Online Side-Scroller 'Thor: Bring The Thunder'

Thor Bring The Thunder Free Online Game

With the theatrical release of Marvel's Thor just a day away, this week is no doubt all about the thunder god himself. In light of all the excitement generated by the film and game, Marvel have taken it upon themselves to release a little something to help tide gamers over until the movie's release. The appetizer comes in the form of a free online game called Thor: Bring The Thunder, and while the movie tie-in may not be your cup of tea, there's a chance that you might find some old-school enjoyment out of this short game.

No need to rush to a retailer for a look at the game, as it's offered now on Marvel's website. Lovingly made in the style of the 8-bit side-scrollers of old, Bring The Thunder channels classics like Megaman and Strider to make an online game that still manages to retain a nostalgic feeling.

You control the titular Thor as he travels through familiar locales like Asgard and Midgard in order to save Jane Foster from some of his most iconic villains. It's the classic side-scrolling story where you have to overcome numerous evil creatures before you can save the princess.

Sure, it may not be the most original online game you'll find, but it still manages to be enjoyable, albeit a tad on the easy side. Aside from running, jumping and ducking, Thor is able to attack by smashing his enemies with the mighty Mjolnir, throwing the hammer across the screen or summoning lightning to smite his enemies with a special attack.

Thor Game Bring The Thunder

It's definitely a fun diversion and something to keep you occupied as you wait for the theatrical release of Thor tomorrow. If this isn't enough, be sure to check out the retail game Thor: God Of Thunder which is out now for the Xbox 360, PS3, Nindendo DS, 3DS and Wii.

What do you think of Marvel's attempt at bringing back the 8-bit aesthetic? Could Thor: Bring The Thunder manage to conjure up any nostalgic feelings for you?


Source: Marvel

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