15 Marvel Characters We Want to See Get Their Own Game

we want to see these 15 marvel heroes get their own game

Since the inception of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the superhero genre has become increasingly popular in video games. This is evident by the record-breaking sales and stellar reviews of Spider-Man, as well as the anticipation for Marvel and Square Enix's multi-year partnership behind the Avengers Project. With that in mind, we here at Game Rant have compiled a list of Marvel characters we would like to see get their own games.

After all, who wouldn't want to see more Marvel characters get the Spider-Man treatment? With the wide spectrum of available Marvel characters from its first family, the Fantastic Four, to the X-men, there are plenty of heroes and teams that deserve special attention. Without further ado, our top 15 follows in no particular order:

15 The Incredible Hulk

incredible hulk comic

The last Incredible Hulk game launched in 2008 to "mixed" and "generally unfavorable" reviews, potentially putting the last nail in the coffin. However, if done right, The Incredible Hulk could benefit from current-gen gaming engines and fully destructive environments. Hulk's raw destructive power would be an empowering concept for gamers to embrace but could easily be tempered with levels dedicated to the role of Bruce Banner, the genius scientist, in a manner similar to Spider-Man's Peter Parker gameplay.

14 Wolverine

wolverine needs a new game

Wolverine's last solo video game entry was X-Men Origins: Wolverine, which, while praised for its dedication to the source material, was criticized for its repetitiveness. Many who would consider picking it up to sate an X-Men lust will be disappointed to learn that it was delisted in 2014, but hopefully, Wolverine gets a new game at some point. After all, his abilities and attributes practically scream video game since he has a natural health regeneration, violent combative tendencies, and a rebellious streak. A good hack and slash game similar to Deadpool's 2013 title with a solid, in-depth story would appeal to many in his fan base, especially seeing as how X-Men are likely to be introduced into the MCU in the next few years.

13 Black Panther

marvel black panther video game

From his home country of Wakanda to his vibranium suit, it's easy to see why we would want Black Panther to get his own game, but we're not the only ones. When the movie launched, a Marvel comic writer voiced his opinion that Black Panther also deserves a video game. With technical enhancements from his sister, growing combat abilities, and the vast resources of Wakanda, a Black Panther video game could give gamers a seasoned look into the storyline of the fan-favorite character.

12 Thor

thor video game

In 2011, Thor's first solo video game entry, Thor: God of Thunder, launched to mixed reviews. Most, of course, leaned to the unfavorable side, but hopefully, this wasn't his final video game run. While it's likely Thor is featured in the upcoming Avengers Project, he's not likely to be the only Avenger, and the god of thunder still deserves a solid solo game. From protecting the realms to exploring his relationships with other Avengers, a good Thor game could showcase gigantic boss battles, develop next-gen flying mechanics and graphics, and explore Thor's growing arsenal of MCU weaponry. Of course, for now, players will have to settle for knowing there may be an epic Thor fight in the sequel to God of War.

11 The Punisher

the punisher comic journal shooter

The shooter genre isn't going anywhere soon, and there's not a better Marvel character to embrace that genre than The Punisher. Once again, this character's last video game outing launched to mixed reviews but could easily be ported and improved with current-gen enhancements. Frank Castle has an expansive list of enemies, some of which could actually be heroes, so there's plenty of material to utilize. Moreover, his temperament, his tragic backstory, his military training, and his impressive arsenal could easily carry a game. It would also be simple enough to add a crafting system for various combat and stealth buffs based on Castle's comic pain management skills.

10 Dr. Strange

dr strange needs a video game

The magic of Dr. Strange, from crafting weapons and shields to travel in separate dimensions, has the potential to offer a lot of gameplay variety. One that could stand out would be the Eye of Agamotto, as time itself could easily become a game mechanic or even tied to the storyline. While it's possible he appears in the forthcoming Avengers Project that's also rumored to be an Ultimate Alliance reboot, Dr. Strange could easily create some interesting solo gameplay.

9 Ghost Rider

ghost rider needs a good game

Ghost Rider's 2007 video game also launched to mixed and mostly negative reviews, much like other heroes on this list, but the character has much to offer - vehicular combat, special abilities such as the Penance Stare, flaming weaponry, and unique plot elements concerning the Spirit of Vengeance. Considering there have been many manifestations of this character (Johnny Blaze, Danny Ketch, Robbie Reyes, Frank Castle, and the prehistoric Woolly Mammoth-riding character), it would be interesting to see these versions interact in a manner similar to Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions.

8 Ant-Man

ant-man video game

Hilarity would ensue in a properly-done Ant-Man video game, which could potentially carry the title itself. Very few video games or characters could properly use comic enemies/situations like Ant-Man, as players could face rats as serious enemies, do battles in a kitchen sink, or take serious damage from a drop of rain. Every little ordinary thing could be used to tell a compelling story, especially when coupled with his Ant-related abilities. Various types of ants could be used to solve puzzles and traverse the map, whereas others could be used in combat as combatants or distractions. Just imagine facing down a regularly sized enemy on the back of a flying ant, and it's easy to see why an Ant-Man game would be a ride for its players.

7 Heroes for Hire

heroes for hire video game

While there have been many manifestations of Heroes for Hire, the core two members have always been Luke Cage and Iron Fist. A solid co-op adventure focusing on the bulletproof man and the living weapon would create some interesting scenarios, with plenty of comic material to pull from. Of course, this game would likely use the newer Netflix versions of the characters, but it could easily include the above classic comic book suits in a manner similar to Spider-Man's vintage comic book suit.

6 Captain Marvel

captain marvel video game cosmic

With the film premiere of Captain Marvel coming early next year, it would be a good time to capitalize on the character's popularity and develop a video game. Coinciding with that film, a good Captain Marvel game could easily utilize the Kree-Skrull war and the paranoia that follows. Combining this hysteria with a fully powered Captain Marvel, it may become obvious why she has been ranked Marvel's biggest female hero.

5 Captain America

captain america solo game avengers project

Of course, no Marvel list is complete without the addition of Captain America. Although he received a video game that connected to his first MCU film entry, it also follows the trend of being subpar. While it's likely he's leading the project in development by Marvel and Square Enix, the first avenger also deserves his own video game, and his many talents could create for some interesting gameplay. Presumably, the game would be of the Beat 'Em Up genre, but it could be made unique in a number of ways: use of his vibranium shield, cooperative maneuvers with supporting characters, and a wide variety of bosses to encounter could very well make a Captain America game stand out.

4 Iron Man

iron man blasters video game

While many are comparing the Javelin suits of Anthem to an Iron Man simulator, there's no replicating Tony Stark. His 2008 video game actually received awards for being the "Worst Game Everyone Played." But, with everything he has to offer, Iron Man could fit the bill of a good Spider-Man level video game. With a unique arsenal, a consistent form of travel, and multiple suits to choose from, Iron Man may very well be the one to reinvent the superhero genre in video games when the Avengers Project inevitably launches.

3 Daredevil

would a daredevil video game work

Daredevil hasn't received a video game since a 2003 Game Boy Advance entry, so if any hero deserves their own game, it's the Devil of Hell's Kitchen. Also, he's arguably the most well-known and de facto leader of the Defenders, so his game could open avenues for other heroes. With a complex relationship with Elektra and other characters, his supporting cast could very well make the difference in a successful Daredevil game.

2 Nova

nova cosmic video game

Nova has some rather unique abilities: with the Xandarian Worldmind, he controls the full power of the Nova Force, granting him energy projection and absorption along with the ability to manipulate gravity and create wormholes. These abilities would not only make some interesting combat, but the cosmic-level narrative could easily build from these abilities. While some may doubt his ability to carry a game, Richard Rider may very well appear in the MCU soon, as Avengers: Infinity War alluded to an event that could lead to his creation. If that proves to be the case, his popularity is likely to skyrocket.

1 X-23

x 23 wolverine game

While she had a powerful role in Logan, Wolverine's daughter/clone X-23 has never had her own game. Presuming the developer focused on the younger version of X-23, it would be interesting to see if X-23 and Wolverine could have an iconic video game relationship much like Kratos and Atreus. Even without Wolverine, X-23's ferocity is enough to carry a title, as her skills allow for various missions including intense combat, unique assassinations, and developing abilities.

While we think these 15 Marvel characters are the most deserving of a video game, there are plenty of heroes in the Marvel universe that many could also answer the call and usher in a golden age of superhero video games. Tell us, Ranters, who were your favorites on this list? Who do you think we missed? Let us know!

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