'Marvel vs. Capcom Origins' Leaving XBLA and PSN Soon

Marvel vs Capcom Origins Leaving Online Stores

2014 is coming to a close and that means many things. It means end-of-year lists will be coming in a mile-a-minute, Netflix will be shuffling some older films out of their library, and licensing agreements are soon to lapse.

One such license agreement that is seemingly coming to a close is that for Marvel vs. Capcom Origins, which will disappearing from Xbox Live and PSN on December 31 and December 23, respectively. The fighting game compilation has been available for about two years, but in case there are any gamers waiting to pull the trigger now is the time.

Capcom doesn't provide a reason for Marvel vs. Capcom Origins' removal, but we suspect it could have something to do with the game's license. Since Marvel vs. Capcom Origins features both the original Marvel vs. Capcom and the Dreamcast fighting game Marvel Super Heroes, chances are the publisher licensed the rights to the latter game for a predetermined amount of time. And now that the time is up, they must remove Origins.

For those who might not be familiar with the Marvel vs. Capcom Origins package, as we mention it features both the first MvC and Marvel Super Heroes. But this isn't just a straight port; Iron Galaxy has given both games the HD upgrade treatment, training modes, and online play. In fact, it was only just introduced in 2012, which makes thoughts of a lapsed licensing agreement seem strange.

The title will be leaving stores according to the dates below:

 - PSN (US): DEC 23, 2014

 - PSN (EU): DEC 23, 2014

 - XBLA (GLOBAL): DEC 31, 2014

Then again, we are in a transitional period where companies are turning their thoughts from Xbox 360 and PS3 to Xbox One and PS4. Perhaps Capcom saw interest was minimal on Marvel vs. Capcom Origins and decided to clear some space for future releases.

There are so many ways gamers could read into the news, but the hope is that Capcom will eventually deliver a future Marvel vs. Capcom title. Street Fighter is obviously their flagship fighting game franchise, but MvC is no slouch either. It's a staple of eSports events and a sequel could be huge given how popular the Marvel brand has become as of late.

Either way, there's only a few more days left to pick up the fighting game collection, so move fast. Marvel vs. Capcom is likely not going anywhere anytime soon, but this could be the last chance to pick up Marvel Super Heroes for a home console.

Will you pick up Marvel vs. Capcom Origins before it disappears from XBLA and PSN? Where does MvC sit on your list of top fighting games?


Source: Capcom Unity

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