New Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate Of Two Worlds Trailer Confirms Tron Bonne

MvC3 video for She-Hulk and Zero New Challengers

Marvel vs. Capcom is back with a vengeance after a decade of space between their last title with Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds. But the memory has clearly stayed in the mind of those who loved it, because it's really kicking up a storm. The new trailer shows off some of the awesome graphics and a new confirmed character: Tron Bonne, in all her robo-suit glory. People are hanging on the edge of their seats waiting to see the character rosters for both sides, and it's looking pretty interesting. There are lots of new faces being added to the favorite oldies, and I find myself (a not so avid fighting game fan) very interested in picking this title up.

Don't let me tell you how great the game looks, take a peek for yourself:

Right off the bat you're completely bombarded by wicked-awesome explosions and Dr. Doom being completely overpowered, then everything just gets better and better as more of their new and old characters join in. The game looks visually astounding and the gameplay looks just as good. If you're a fan of the series in the slightest it is definitely worth a peek. The roster isn't completely out yet, but they've shown quite a few of their characters in this and previous trailers.

Capcom has released a roster, but given the fact that there is so much time left before the game releases, we'lll defintely be seeing more. The official website lists the following for now:

Marvel: Spider-Man, Hulk, Wolverine, Captain America, Iron Man, War Machine (alternate Iron Man outfit) Elektra, Thor, X-23, Magneto,  Shuma-Gorath, Deadpool, Super Skrull, Taskmaster, Juggernaut, and She-Hulk

Capcom: Ryu, Mike Haggar, Frank West, Chuck (alternate Frank West outfit), Spencer (Bionic Commando), Dante, Chris, Morrigan, Arthur, Amaterasu , Albert Wesker, Zero, Chun-li, Viewtiful Joe, Trish, Tron Bonne, Hsien-Ko, Akuma, Felicia, Bison, Roll, and Volnutt

What do you think of the game thus far, and who do you think still needs to be added to this character list? Let us know Ranters!

Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate Of Two Worlds is set to hit shelves for the Xbox 360 and PS3 in the Spring of 2011.

Source: Gamespot

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