Marvel Avengers: Everything You Need To Know About Ms Marvel

Although we know a lot more about Marvel's Avengers than we did at this time last year, there are still a ton of details about upcoming game that remain a mystery. Details about the games level cap, gear rarities, and set bonuses have started to arrive, but there remain some big unanswered questions. For example, exactly which Marvel heroes (or villains) will be playable when the game launches. The core cast of Avengers have already been confirmed and some news coming out of New York Comic-Con has confirmed another playable hero: Ms. Marvel.

Although she hasn't broken into the Marvel Cinematic Universe quite yet, Kamala Khan is a fan-favorite character in the primary Marvel 616 comics universe. The character is a young inhuman who quickly rose to an important position in the Marvel Universe thanks to her unique skill set, ability to work well in team settings, and incredible charisma. The first Ms. Marvel cinematic and gameplay trailers for Marvel's Avengers seem to confirm that these skills and abilities are all going to be present in the game as she acts as a driving force to reunite the fractured Avengers.

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With Ms. Marvel about to take part of the spotlight in Marvel's Avengers, it's likely that the character is going to be exposed to a whole new batch of fans. As players start to debate about whether or not they might want Ms. Marvel to be their main when the game launches in May, here are some facts about the character that are worth keeping in mind.

What Are Ms. Marvel's Powers?

Kamala has a long list of powers, but is best known for her ability to shapeshift. Her crazy flexibility puts her on par with someone like Mr. Fantastic or DC's Plastic Man when it comes to manipulating her body into various shapes.


Morphogenic Abilities



Healing Factor

Superhuman Speed

Superhuman Strength

Is Ms. Marvel Related To Captain Marvel?

captain marvel video game cosmic

The short answer is no. Kamala's Ms. Marvel first appeared in Captain Marvel #14 and considers Carol Danvers her idol. After unlocking her own powers, Kamala decided that she wanted to follow in Captain Marvel's legacy and took inspiration for her name and costume from her favorite hero's backstory.

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Where Did Ms. Marvel Get Her Powers?

Kamala Khan is an Inhuman in both the comics universe and in the upcoming Avengers game, though the event that led to her powers being unlocked has changed a bit to fit in with the game's story. In the comics, Kamala's powers emerge after the events of the Inhumanity storyline. In the game, it seems like the A-Day events are going to cause something that may trigger Inhuman powers emerging. Inhumans are similar to mutants, but are not the same. Their powers usually emerge after a person with the Inhuman gene is exposed to the Terrigen Mist. At one point it seemed like Inhumans were poised to take the place of Mutants in the MCU, but those plans have changed quite a bit in the last year or two.

Was Kamala Always Ms. Marvel?

Kamala is actually the fourth hero to bear the Ms. Marvel name. Before she took on the mantle there was Carol Danvers, Sharon Ventura, and Karla Sofen.

What Teams Is Ms. Marvel On?

Ms. Marvel has appeared on a number of different teams over the years, but her most famous team roles are with The Avengers and The Champions. Marvel's Champions formed when Ms. Marvel, Nova, and Spider-Man had a falling out with the Avengers and left to form their own super team. The Trio have been best friends in the comics and even appear together in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 with some sweet team bonuses.

Is Ms. Marvel Playable In Marvel's Avengers?

Yes! It was confirmed at New York Comic-Con that Ms. Marvel is the sixth playable character in Marvel's Avengers at launch. We still do not know how many additional heroes are going to be announced between now and the game's May launch window.

As more details about the game arrive in the coming months, it will be very exciting to learn where the story is heading and how Ms. Marvel and other additional heroes will play into the game's story mode and multiplayer. If each hero is the equivalent of a class in other games as service products, it seems like having too long of a list could cause some serious balance issues for multiplayer down the line.

Be sure to check back in the coming months for more news and updates as we learn additional details about Marvel's Avengers. Until then, Avengers... Assemble!

Marvel's Avengers releases May 15, 2020 on PC, PS4, Stadia, and Xbox One.

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