Iron Man Combat Detailed in Latest Marvel's Avengers Showcase

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Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics continue to drip-feed fans content about Marvel's Avengers. Recent weeks have seen information shared about individual character playstyles and abilities, including Captain America and the Hulk. Square Enix also released a video showing off the full Marvel's Avengers demo shared at both E3 and Gamescom 2019. The next Marvel's Avengers hero to be showcased is Iron Man, whose combat style was detail today on the game's official Twitter account.

The first Twitter post features a video clip showcasing Iron Man's gameplay from Marvel's Avengers' E3 2019 demo. This demo jumped between several Avengers, showing how each of them plays in-game. Iron Man, as shown, has two different sequences. The first has him flying along Golden Gate Bridge chasing down mercenaries with his powered blasts, while dodging attacks. The second section has Iron Man landing on the ground and battling several mercenaries at the same time.

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In several follow-up tweets, Marvel's Avengers' lead combat designer Vince Napoli talks about Iron Man's design. According to Napoli, Iron Man is designed to be versatile in combat, but that he's also "a ranged power house." Napoli also explains that Iron Man is unique in that many of his melee moveset is built around ranged weapons. "Iron Man is just as skilled in the air as he is on the ground, but formulates different strategies depending on his position."

As an example, Napoli cites Iron Man's lasers, which give the player precision control at range, dealing more damage the longer it's focused on a single target. However, if Iron Man uses this ranged ability as a melee attack, it becomes crowd control. Iron Man can also use this melee crowd control as an opportunity to leap back into the air, where he can use his full arsenal of ranged attacks. Also, it looks like Iron Man has an air dodge, just like Spider-Man. Air dodges are just great.

Unfortunately, today's Iron Man showcase doesn't break down Tony Stark's individual abilities. Both Captain America and the Hulk's three specific abilities have previous been revealed. Iron Man's are likely coming soon, as the team wanted to showcase his design themes first. After that, there are still plenty of superheroes left to go. Thor and Black Widow specifically will certainly be showcased. And then Marvel's Avengers can start showing off others, like the previously confirmed Ant-Man and Ms. Marvel.

Marvel's Avengers releases May 15, 2020 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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