Marvel's Avengers Captain America Gameplay is a Huge Spoiler

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Although there is still quite some time until its release, there's no doubt that many are looking forward to Marvel's Avengers. This has been helped with recent reveals such as the official A-Day Prologue gameplay and the announcement that AIM would be a primary antagonist in the years that follow. Now, developer Crystal Dynamics has released a new gameplay trailer for Captain America that has a HUGE SPOILER for his role in the game. Those who want to avoid major spoilers prior to launch should stop reading now.

In the initial Marvel's Avengers A-Day trailer, Iron Man, Thor, and Black Widow are trying to save civilians as the Golden Gate Bridge collapses, while Captain America is dealing with the primary threat on the S.H.I.E.L.D. helicarrier. He is seen doing what Cap does best and rushing toward the reactor, the threat's primary goal. Everyone looks on as the helicarrier explodes, and Iron Man is even seen flying toward it after the explosion. Afterward, it leaps five years into the future and shows a statue of the now-deceased Captain America...or so it was thought.

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Prior to Captain America's gameplay reveal, there were a ton of questions as to how Captain America could be dead, yet remain a playable character in Marvel's Avengers. There were a ton of possibilities, but no definitive answer. Yet, the Captain America gameplay confirms that he survived the hellicarrier explosion somehow. Because of the way Nolan North's Iron Man reacts to his death, it's also clear that he survived without telling anyone.

In the above gameplay trailer, Captain America is seen fighting enemies in multiple environments outside of the A-Day event. This was the first hint, but could probably be chalked up to any number of theories about Marvel's Avengers. The big giveaway is that Cap is fighting AIM, which is evident by the AIM trucks in the background. While the organization could have been involved in the A-Day event, its rise to power was established during the 5-year period.

Although the game doesn't release for some time, more and more info is slowly being trickled out. So, here's everything we know so far about Marvel's Avengers.

Marvel's Avengers releases May 15, 2020, for PC, PS4, Stadia, and Xbox One.

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