Shine Your Badge, Marshal Class Coming to Red Dead Redemption Multiplayer

Red Dead Redemption

Starting tomorrow, October 1st, the Marshals will be unlocked in the Outfitter and will be selectable by anyone on any system. In order to push the unveiling of this new class, Rockstar will be online later that same day to hand out some developer punishment to their fans. Check their twitter tomorrow to see when exactly you will be able to find them.

Marshals might not have been as high on the list of sought after playable characters as the main stars of the game, but they certainly are a welcome addition if only for adding more variety to the types of friends and enemies gamers will encounter. These character skins are most likely being used a tool to help lure back gamers to the Red Dead experience in time for the Undead Nightmare Pack reveals they have been doing all week, culminating in the release of a teaser trailer.

Red Dead Redemption, Undead Nightmare

While it shouldn’t be hard to lure gamers back into the world of Red Dead Redemption’s single player (you should definitely finish it), getting them to once again experience the hit or miss aspects of the multiplayer mode is a losing proposition. For many, the previous DLC content really hasn’t stuck the type of chord that Rockstar was anticipating. Many have been anticipating this Undead Nightmare Pack not only because it includes zombies but also because it deepens the single player experience in Red Dead. We absolutely want more Red Dead content, but if it adds to the multiplayer we might not be as willing to try it out.

Are you going to hop on Red Dead Redemption tomorrow and try out the Marshal class? Or are you just going to wait until Undead Nightmare to return to the Wild West?

Source: Rockstar

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