Microsoft is unveiling a boatload of treasure next month at its first ‘X’ press expo in three years.

Xbox 360 X10 Media Reception is Microsoft’s first main ‘X’ event since X06 in Barcelona in September 2006. Expect a lot of game reveals, including first solid details about Fable III and Project Natal announcements.

The month in which Lionhead Studios planned to publicly show off Fable III for the first time has been known for a while now, but when, where, and how were never discussed – until now.

Over on the Fable III Facebook page on Tuesday, Lionhead broke news Microsoft’s X10 event is where the big reveal is happening. However, it’s still unknown whether or not it will be a hands-on sort of thing or a video of the game. Fable II was one of my favourite releases of late 2008, and its predecessor was also a must-play for me when it was released on the original Xbox in 2004.

X10 is scheduled to last four hours on Thursday, February 11 at the Terra event center in San Francisco.

It’s pretty safe to say over those four hours we can expect to see a lot more on games like Halo: Reach, Alan Wake, Crackdown 2, Fable III, Splinter Cell Conviction, Final Fantasy XIII, and upcoming downloadable content for Valve’s Left 4 Dead 2, as well as some surprises.

Those game industry types sure do like the ninja launch.