Rumor: PS4 Developer Mark Cerny is Helping To Finish ‘The Last Guardian’

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Game developers often choose E3 to announce and deliver sneak peeks of their most amazing games, but that doesn’t always mean that the game will actually become reality. Some games are announced only to be delayed year by year, or worse yet, become vaporware, never making it to the market at all.

Many gamers have feared the worst for The Last Guardian, Team Ico’s spiritual successor to ICO and Shadow of the Colossus, which was announced ages ago at E3 2009, but a no-show at E3 2010 and all subsequent gaming shows. However, a recent PS Nation podcast may give gamers who are still holding onto hope for the title a new reason to hang on.

Stewart Gilray, founder of Just Add Water, was interviewed during PS Nation’s latest podcast, episode 427. The hosts brought up The Last Guardian jokingly, teasing that Team Ico would unveil it at E3 2015 as a completely finished title and begin selling it the very next day, in the same way Entwined was announced at E3 2014. was brought up during the episode, and Gilray provided some input on the title, hinting that a team led by Mark Cerny may now be responsible for finishing development on The Last Guardian.

Gilray remained obscure with his comments, but specifically stated at about 1:03:20 into the podcast:

“I actually did hear a funny story about Last Guardian. It’s a certain somebody’s software team and that certain somebody is the guy who helped out with the architecture of the Vita and the PS4. I’m led to believe he’s now- his team is now running Last Guardian to finish.”

This comment appears to refer to Mark Cerny, who was the lead architect of both the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation Vita.

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It’s important to note that this is a serious case of “he said, she said”, and should only be considered a rumor at this point. It does come hot on the heels of a rumor from The Guardian that The Last Guardian will be present at E3 2015, though this too is unconfirmed. The prospect of The Last Guardian has been teasing gamers for a long time, with The Last Guardian‘s trademark expiring, then being renewed by Sony, and the executive producer Fumito Ueda reassuring fans that The Last Guardian is still under development. Even so, nothing new has been seen in years, and some gamers have chosen to move on unless concrete evidence presents itself.

While finally seeing something new confirming that progress is actually being made on The Last Guardian would be fantastic, it would be wise not to hold your breath at this point. E3 2015 is just around the corner, so we’ll be able to tell soon if the rumors are true or if they’re completely unsubstantiated.

Source: PS Nation