E3 2015: Nintendo Reveals ‘Mario Tennis Ultra Smash’ for Wii U

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With Mario celebrating his 30 year anniversary this year, Nintendo decided to look back on its storied history with its Koopa-stomping mascot by releasing a slew of new titles featuring the pugnacious plumber at Day One of this year’s E3 2015 Press Conference. A few of the Mario games shown during Nintendo’s Digital Event build upon the success of past series, such as the creative action-RPG Mario & Luigi Paper Jam, as well as the ingenious Mario Maker.

So as to not out leave fans of Mario’s sports-centric games, Nintendo also used E3 to reveal new gameplay for the upcoming Mario Tennis Ultra Smash for Wii U. While Mario Tennis Ultra Smash is not something a lot of people were anticipating, news of the title comes as a welcome surprise, especially given that last entry in the tennis franchise released for the 3DS almost three years ago.

While the series’ standard elements remain, such as the ability to apply super-curved spins to the ball and to swing with powerful jumping overhands during singles and doubles matches, Mario Ultra Tennis Smash also brings new features to the court. Instead of simply putting a fresh coat of paint on the game, Nintendo will include giant mushrooms that make characters grow bigger, intensifying the action.

Mario Tennis Ultra Smash Holiday 2015

Details about Mario Ultra Tennis Smash are quite sparsefor the time being, but one can’t help but speculate as to whether or not there will be more power-ups. Could Nintendo include a star for more devastating shots, or maybe even a frog suit for extra-high jumps? However, those potential ingredients might prove to be a tad too gimmicky.

If anything, Nintendo will most likely reveal Mario Tennis Ultra Smash characters. The only virtual athletes vying for court superiority in the game that we know of so far are Mario, Peach, Bowser, and Toad. Perhaps we’ll see Donkey Kong and Luigi in future spots.

What other Super Mario staples do you think Mario Ultra Tennis Smash should include in the game? Perhaps a Tanooki suit so that players can float, and use their tail for a racquet?

Mario Tennis Ultra Smash will be available for Wii U during the holidays of 2015.

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