Nintendo Confirms 'Mario Tennis Open' Release Date for 3DS

Mario Tennis Open Official Release Date

It seems that Nintendo's big announcement today harboured a significant amount of more news than anyone could have predicted, and Mario Tennis Open's official release date is just one of many announcements that were made this morning.

The wait for Mario Tennis Open won't be that long either, as it'll be serving up some fun later this year on May 20th.

While Nintendo was confirming the title's release date, they also offered more details on the game. First and foremost, the control scheme has been mildly altered to utilize the Nintendo 3DS' layout. Those who struggle to smack a tennis ball via tapping a button will find comfort in the ability to use the touch-screen. There are a total of six different types of shots that can be performed, and they take up a significant amount of room on the lower half of the 3DS.

If gimmicky gameplay mechanics aren't your thing, then you may love the fact that the gyroscope plays a mild role in Mario Tennis Open! Players can actually tilt the handheld and move the camera around to see certain parts of the court. Other than that, it doesn't take away or add much to the gameplay, but it's still an interesting feature.

You can check out Mario Tennis Open in action in a brand new trailer for the upcoming title.


Finally, for the piece de resistance, Nintendo went a little more in-depth with Mario Tennis Open's multiplayer features. The game will support local play for up to four players in the same room. If gaming on your couch with friends sounds unappealing, then you can also take your game online for some multiplayer fun. Gamers can team-up and go head-to-head along with three online buddies.

If friends are overrated in your eyes, then you'll also be able to enter an 'Open Match', which will pit gamers of a similar skill level against one another. Winning these matches will award players with victory medals and enhance their player ratings. Gamers can even earn spots on monthly leaderboards, so it sounds like there's no shortage of content when it comes to Mario Tennis Open.

Again, Mario Tennis Open will be available on the Nintendo 3DS in North America on May 20th, Europe on May 25th, and Japan May 24th.

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Source: Nintendo Direct

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