Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Gets Spooky in Newest Trailers, Co-op Detailed

mario rabbids battle kingdom gameplay

Since launching this past March, there's been no shortage of exclusive software to keep Nintendo Switch owners entertained. Almost every month so far has seen a noteworthy exclusive arriving for the platform, with the most recent being the multiplayer-centric Splatoon 2. The next title arriving for the console, however, is the result of a bizarre partnership between Ubisoft and Nintendo that has taken on the form of a tactical, turn-based strategy game known as Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle.

Despite the Super Mario and Rabbids crossover leaking prior to its official unveiling at E3 2017, many were pleasantly surprised by just how much fun the final product looked. Ubisoft has remained quiet on the subject since then, but it's now detailing some of the features and showcasing a number of additional environments that can be found in the forthcoming title. Namely, the game's newest level Spooky Trails.

Those keen on checking out one of the more memorable and musically-inclined video game villains from Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle can do so below.

Not content with just unleashing the sing-a-long snippet featured above, Ubisoft also released some details on Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle's co-op. In the mode, two players will be tasked with teaming up and taking their respective units (with two on-screen characters assigned to each team) through various waves of enemies and locales. With crossfire being a major factor of this mode, a lot of tactical back and forth will be required in order for friends to come out on top.

It'll be interesting to see how well Kingdom Battle holds up when it does finally arrive later this August. With the likes of a collector's edition of Mario + Rabbids, not to mention an entire line of statues based on Rabbids-ified versions of Super Mario characters, it's clear that Ubisoft is banking big on the title. Still, only time will tell if the licensing deal was worth the investment from the developer, but it looks to be an intriguing initiative thus far.

Mario + Rabbids: Battle Kingdom is set to arrive exclusively for Nintendo Switch on August 29, 2017.

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