Later this month, Ubisoft will unleash Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, its take on the strategy formula of the XCOM franchise. Now, the studio has released a brand new trailer that delves into what kind of abilities players can expect from the portly plumber as he takes on swathes of deranged bunnies.

A big part of the appeal of Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is seeing how Ubisoft plays with the various iconic components of the Mario franchise. We’ve seen plenty of different references to the long history of the series in the footage released so far, and this new clip offers up some extra kernels of information.

For instance, a brief glimpse of Mario’s gear screen reveals weapons based on the designs of the Bullet Bill enemy, as well as the Piranha Plant, and the Bee Mario power-up. Ubisoft clearly isn’t just placing Mario characters in a Rabbids game — the sights and sounds of the Mushroom Kingdom permeate every inch of the experience.

Based on the plumber’s typical portrayal in Nintendo’s sports franchises, it seems reasonable to assume that Mario will be a middle-of-the-road character in Kingdom Battle, something of a jack-of-all-trades. Seeing Mario’s abilities in this trailer, he certainly looks set to be effective in a wide range of situations.

As well as his projectile launchers, Mario can equip melee weapons that are capable of striking multiple enemies in one fell swipe. While hammers are a longstanding component of his arsenal, these attacks seem particularly reminiscent of the Paper Mario games.

In terms of abilities, Mario has the capacity to react to enemies’ actions during their turn, which seems like it could come in very handy. He also has access to a buff move that boosts allies’ attack power in classic RPG style.

Kingdom Battle is only a matter of weeks away from release, and it’s definitely one of the most exciting games scheduled to drop this summer. In terms of the Switch, it’s the biggest game since Splatoon 2 launched last month, and it’s sure to tide many players over until the likes of Skyrim and Super Mario Odyssey hit later in the year.

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is scheduled to release for the Nintendo Switch on August 29, 2017.