When Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle was officially unveiled with a gameplay trailer during E3 2017, fans of the iconic Nintendo mascot and of Ubisoft’s popular Rayman creatures were skeptical at first, wondering whether or not the title would be able to pull off its XCOM-like style while also delivering a unique experience that both of the properties had yet to encounter. Now, it seems as if fans around the world were at the very least curious enough to see if its approach to gameplay was successful, as the title has now become the best-selling third-party game for the Nintendo Switch.

This news comes from data related to the physical sales of Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle that were tracked by the North American and Australian numbers company the NPD Group, as well as the UK firm known as Chart-Track GFK. While no concrete figures were shared by the analysts, it’s safe to say that sales of Ubisoft’s turn-based tactics title is well ahead of other third-party Nintendo Switch titles such as LEGO City WorldsPuyo Puyo Tetris, and Super Bomberman R thanks to the recognizable nature of both Mario and the Rabbids.

As it so happens, back in September earlier this year, the sales data from Australia and New Zealand showed that Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle had become the top-selling game across all platforms in the two countries during its launch week, which ultimately helped cinch its spot as the best-selling third-party title for the Nintendo Switch. Furthermore, the game was the second most-bought game across all platforms during that very same week in the UK, with these accolades undoubtedly giving the Big N the confidence to now pick up the launch for publishing itself in Japan and South Korea.

Taking all of this into consideration, not only does it makes sense for Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle to have achieved this particular sales feat due to the seminal influence of the characters around which the game is designed, but also it has been universally lauded by fans and critics alike. For instance, Game Rant’s own review praised it as “a wonderful, tactics-heavy venture that Switch owners won’t want to let pass them by.”

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is available now for Nintendo Switch.

Source: Eurogamer