Mario and Rabbids Crossover Confirmed by Artwork


With E3 2017 just around the corner, video game developers and publishers are getting fans ready for the upcoming extravaganza by prepping and teasing some of the year's biggest announcements in the form of press releases, gameplay trailers, screenshots, and artwork. Speaking of the lattermost promotional byproduct, it seems as if Ubisoft and Nintendo are finally getting around to confirming the poorly-held secret of the Nintendo Switch game known as Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle with a first look at the title thanks to a fresh piece of artwork seen above.

The image comes courtesy of the fine folks at WWG, who received the piece of key artwork for the upcoming game from sources connected to developer Ubisoft. Although the picture depicts Nintendo icons Mario, Princess Peach, Luigi, and Yoshi alongside a bunch of rascally Raving Rabbids with their own respective laser arm cannons blasting at an unknown enemy, neither the Big N nor Ubisoft went into detail to describe what kind of gameplay Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle would contain, much less what the impetus behind such a crossover would be.

mario rabbids kingdom battle nintendo switch

All things considered, Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle could be just the shot in the arm that the Nintendo Switch's catalog needs to bridge the gap in between the forthcoming release of its new boxing IP ARMS and the launch of Super Mario Odyssey later this year. While Nintendo has declared that it won't be hosting an E3 2017 press conference, it looks like fans should still expect the forthcoming crossover co-created by Ubisoft to be given ample stage time at the event.

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is currently in production for Nintendo Switch.

Source: WWG

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