Mario Rabbids Crossover RPG Coming to Nintendo Switch Soon, Say Sources


Ubisoft's rumored Mario and Raving Rabbids crossover RPG will launch on Nintendo Switch in just a few months, according to a new report. The news follows speculation earlier in the week that suggested the game would have eight playable characters.

Coming just days after the other report about the game, Kotaku's Jason Schreier also published a report confirming that the Mario and Rabbids crossover "does indeed exist." The reporter has seen art assets for the game, which may end up being called Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, and says that two-player local co-op and turn-based combat are being pushed as the game's selling points.

Additionally, Schreier also corroborates that the game will have eight playable characters (including four Rabbids dressed up as Mario universe characters) and says that it will launch in either August or September. That's just a handful of months away meaning that Kingdom Battle will surely be present at E3 in June. Nintendo isn't hosting an E3 2017 press conference but the company still promises to show up and impress at the annual event.

While these new rumors are just that – rumors – it should be noted that speculation about the game has been ongoing for months. Nintendo and Ubisoft sources leaked info sometime ago while Ubisoft itself teased a Mario and Rabbids crossover game in its anniversary celebration video. Given the effort required to hint at the game, it's clear that this is more than a bit of fun designed to make the Internet go wild.

Assuming the game is the real deal, this could be a big title for the Nintendo Switch. Mario games are system sellers and between Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, which set franchise sales records during its Switch launch and the upcoming Super Mario Odyssey, fans of the iconic plumber and casual gamers alike will have plenty of reason to buy the new console and play as Mario and friends.

The obvious question though, is whether there will be enough Nintendo Switch units by that point. Switch stock shortages are expected all year around due to the popularity of the console as is, but with post-E3 hype and months of anticipation for the game combining to get fans excited, those buying a Switch for the Mario and Rabbids crossover may find themselves unable to. Prospective Switch buyers will just hope that Nintendo can further ramp up production to meet demand by then.

Source: Kotaku

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