Nintendo of Japan Announces 'Mario Pikachu' Merchandise Line

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Limited edition Super Mario Pikachu merchandise will be made available at Pokémon Centers in Japan later this month, and the entire line is just as adorable you'd expect.

Forget about the Nintendo Switch. The thing we didn't know we always wanted is coming: Pikachu dressed as Mario. Gotta hug 'em all!

Pikachu has been cosplaying his little heart out for a while now. He's been a detective, a chef, a luchador, and he's even dressed up as other Pokemon. They're all very cute, but it's hard not to fall extra hard for a petite Pikachu with a tiny mustache and pair of overalls.

For all fans of the underdog, the limited edition Mario Pikachu also comes in Luigi form, which should please those who appreciate Mario's often disregarded brother. The best part about these little guys is that their mustaches match their respective Mario brother. While the Mario Pikachu plushies are definitely taking center stage, they are joined by an entire line of Mario Pikachu-themed products.

Special Mario Pikachu cards will be available for the Pokemon card game. The Nintendo 3DS will also see a Mario Pickachu game card box and cover plate. Meanwhile, there are also Japanese playing cards, keychains, notebooks and, of course, t-shirts. As a special treat, many of these products also feature artwork of a redone classic scene from Super Mario history which replaces characters from the original Famicom box art with Pokémon.

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The major downside of this announcement is that these products so far are not scheduled to be available outside of Japan, but if they're popular enough – and how could they not be – the U.S. could get its own lovable Mario Pikachu plushies sometime in the future. It's not a sure thing, however. Those stateside that don't want to take that chance might want to monitor eBay after they hit store shelves for the possibility of snagging one, but competition will surely be as stiff as a Sudowoodo. Those lucky enough to live in Japan can spend all of their hard-earned yen on these limited edition products starting October 29 at Pokémon Center stores.

Mario Pikachu will make an excellent companion on the road next month when gamers will be exploring the all new Alola region in Pokémon Sun and Moon. The recent datamine shows there are around 800 total Pokemon to catch, so trainers will have their work cut out for them. Also, now that it's known that the world will get no more Nintendo Switch news until 2017, folks can relax and bask in all of this Pikachu goodness until then.

Source: The Pokemon Company

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