Just in case you missed the news, E3 came and went last week, and as always, the gaming world is still reeling from the news. Microsoft focused almost entirely on the Kinect, Sony showed off the new Vita, but Nintendo got a lot the attention with the news regarding the Wii U, love it or hate it.

While no games were confirmed for the Wii U and while the original Wii received no attention at all, there are still a few titles to release for the dated system before its successor launches. One of those titles is the latest in the long-running Mario Party franchise, Mario Party 9.

At the end of Nintendo‘s conference at E3, a slew of upcoming titles appeared on the background. Mario Party 9 was among those titles, and we now have an official trailer and screenshots to confirm the game’s existance. The trailer doesn’t show much, although the players travelling around in one cart is a rather odd gameplay change.

See for yourself with the trailer below:


A number of Mario Party 9 screenshots were also released, presenting the game in greater detail. Some of the mini games certainly look interesting, with a particular focus on sidescrolling in a few of them.

The question remains, though: how different will Mario Party 9 be in comparison to previous Mario Party titles? Considering the series continued strong since the N64 days, with twelve games so far in the franchise, there hasn’t been much in terms of innovation. The aforementioned cart seems to be a step in a different direction, but whether or not it’s a good direction remains to be seen.

Will this new Mario Party be worth your time and will it make you pick up and use the Wii?

Leave any thoughts you may have in the comments below.

Source: Joystiq