Boss Battles Highlight New 'Mario Party 9' Details

Fresh details have arrived for Mario Party 9 that divulge a ton of new features that gamers can expect from the latest installment of this long-running franchise. The biggest additions to the game include boss battles and loads of co-op features where players must rely on teamwork to make it through the game boards. This will not be your ordinary Mario Party.

Not a lot of specific information was given, in fact none was when the first Mario Party 9 trailer and screenshots were released back in E3 2011. Fans had had a lot of questions as to what was presented then, and now we have a better grasp as to what new gameplay features players will encounter.

Aside from the mini-games looking a tad more challenging, there needed to be a lot more innovation for the Mario Party series for it to not get stale. Now players will encounter bosses, ride in vehicles together around the game board, be a captain of a team, and will experience 80 new mini-games and more!

Here is a list of just some of the new features that players will be getting in Mario Party 9, as listed on the Best Buy product page:

  • Feel your adrenaline surge after a lucky roll, high-five your teammates for toppling a boss or double-cross others at the last second to win extra Mini Stars for yourself.
  • Get ready for Boss Battles and tons of new features that mix cooperative and competitive action.
  • Work together with other players toward a common goal while proving that you're the best and leading your team to victory along the way,
  • Hit the road and travel with your party across stages together for the first time, and take turns as Captain of exciting vehicles like a convertible, flying carpet, submarine and more.
  • Make sure no one is left behind as you play nice or scheme against each other – just be careful because you're all riding together.
  • 80 new mini games, adventure-filled stages and exciting new game modes.
  • Shape the game with unique Captain Events in each stage, and tap into extra games like Goomba Bowling and Shell Soccer.
  • Use your motion-sensing Wii Remote to pilot Bullet Bills through a race course, bowl with a Koopa shell, rotate the dial on treasure chests to unlock diamonds and toss pepperonis onto a spinning pizza.
  • Earn Party Points to unlock sweet bonus content.

Ranters, do any of these new features appeal to your senses or has this party run its course?

Mario Party 9 will be in stores March 11 for the Wii of course.


Source: Best Buy [via MTV]

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