New 'Mario Party 9' Gameplay Details and Mini-Game Descriptions

Mario Party 9 Details

Juicy new details have been released regarding Mario Party 9 and they may just make or break the game - for those on the fence about whether or not they intend to purchase the title. Aside from new mini-game information, new gameplay details have been released, teasing that Mario Party 9  will not be the average Mario Party game.

Previously, when the first trailer and screenshots for Mario Party 9 came out there was one big question that came up: would you be traveling as a group around the board or was this just a different game mode? Now, it would appear that the mechanics of the game will have players all grouped in one vehicle traveling throughout the game board together. This is where Mario Party 9 could become interesting - or convoluted. How competitive will this game get when players are stuck on the same space as everyone else?

It won't just be travel that changes, aside from cool new boss battles, buying items and events will be streamlined a lot faster, making the pace of the game more enjoyable. That may sound great, but a non-negotiable game-length has been set at 45-minutes (which could be a major turn off for players that just want a quick fix). Mini-stars have now replaced coins as currency as well.

A few new mini-games have been revealed as well, which include a series of challenges that revolve around paint splatter, a maze filled with conveyor belts and various obstacles, avoiding womps, arrow pointing, button mashing, and a 1vs3 game where the single player must carry three blocks across a distance without getting pummeled by the three other players.

Check out the image below (click to enlarge) to see screenshots of the games:

New Mario Party 9 Mini Games

Unfortunately the image comes courtesy of a German Nintendo magazine, N-Zone but a rough idea of what to expect can be generated from the screenshots alone. N-Zone has also given Mario Party 9 scores of 75% for Single Player and an 85% for Multiplayer.

With less then a month left, will you be interested in purchasing the ninth game in the Mario Party franchise? Which of the mini-games sounds most exciting to you?

Mario Party 9 will be in stores March 11 for the Nintendo Wii.


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Source: Mario Party Legacy [via Destructoid] and VideoGameZone


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