Nintendo may not have given fans too much to look forward to for the rest of 2014 in the realm of unexpected announcements, but the Wii U has plenty of big hitters coming in 2015. Zelda and Kirby are just the tip of the iceberg and it looks like between Super Smash Bros. and the return of another classic crowd-pleaser, multiplayer fans will be having tons of fun on the Wii U in 2015.

Mario Party 10 is coming to Nintendo’s latest console in 2015, marking the casually competitive game’s first appearance on the Wii U. The social game will debut on the Wii U with a new mode that takes advantage of the console’s GamePad (which seemed to be a big focus for Nintendo games this year at E3) and supports the newly-announced amiibo toys.

The new game mode is Bowser-centric and offers one player a chance to utilize the GamePad to sabotage the rest of the participants. When one player opts to take control of Bowser in the dungeon master-esque role, the game allows for five total players. The Bowser player uses the GamePad in lots of the ways we’ve seen in other mini-games before, throwing down obstacles, messing with the map’s orientation, or other evil tricks; but having it as a main gameplay component instead of a minor afterthought looks like it could lead to a lot of fun.

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If that doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, not to worry. Purists will be able to play the classic Mario Party mode without having to worry about Bowser sneaking in to disrupt the friendly competition. Aside from Bowser Mode and amiibo support, Nintendo did not share many details about the upcoming game. The trailer features many of the characters we would all except to see from a Mario Party game; including Mario, Luigi, Wario, and Princess Peach.

A few familiar mini-games are quickly shown in the trailer and there is a promise of all-new attractions and mini-games. It looks like there will be pirate ships, roller coasters, fish-catching races, and bomb-throwing competitions.

Fans of the series will likely not be disappointed, but this might not have the same kind of console-selling potential as titles like Zelda or Mario Kart 8.  That said, there is always the potential for a Mario Party title to reach out beyond its nostalgic audience and attract the attention of the Wii U’s demographic of young children, as well.

Are you looking forward to Mario Party 10 in 2015 or do you think the franchise needs to shake things up a bit more to attract a new generation of players? Let us know in the comments.

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Mario Party 10 will be available exclusively on the Wii U in 2015.

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