Mario Maker 2 Update Adds Zelda's Link and Master Sword

Ever since Nintendo first released its insanely popular map editor Super Mario Maker, fans have wondered if the Legend of Zelda franchise would eventually get the same treatment. Link’s Awakening partially implemented the feature through its Dungeon Maker minigame, but for Switch owners looking for something more substantial, it appears a new update to Mario Maker 2 might finally give fans the experience they’ve been clamoring for.

Announced through a short trailer posted on the Super Mario Maker 2 Twitter account, the game will be receiving a major update on December 5 packed with a number of new additions. While this includes a ton of added features and even a brand-new game mode, the biggest announcement to come from the footage was that Link and the master sword from The Legend of Zelda will be making the jump to the game.

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The trailer shows that map creators can now insert the master sword as an item into their creations, with the player turning into Link when acquiring the power-up. The change isn’t just cosmetic, however. The player can use the Master Sword, the Hylian shield, utilize a longbow that can fire in any direction, and even equip Link’s iconic bombs to shatter obstructions in their way. It’s clear that Link will be an essential part of maps going forward and one that the legions of insanely talented Mario Maker 2 creators will no doubt be dying to get their hands on.

Outside of Link’s debut in the game, the update also announced that a new game mode called Ninji Speedruns will be making its way to Mario Maker 2 online. As the title would suggest, the core objective of the mode is to run a course in the quickest time possible, with other players’ times all shown on screen in the form of Ninji Ghosts, allowing the user to race their friends' high scores in real-time. Nintendo will also be unveiling exclusive maps for the mode, the first of which are briefly shown in the update’s trailer.

Other small additions to the game come in the form of some classic Nintendo enemies. The first is Spike, a small green tortoise that can spit out spiky balls at the player. These projectiles are first and foremost a hazard, but they can also be used to break obstructions and open up new pathways. A second new enemy is shown called Pokey, which appears to be made up of spiky spheres. It will attempt to stand in the way of the player, presenting a tall adversary that will be difficult to vault over. They will no doubt be a formidable foe for players to vanquish with the Master Sword when it hits the game in a few days' time.

Mario Maker 2 is out now on Nintendo Switch.

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