E3 2015: 'Mario & Luigi' and 'Paper Mario' Collide in 'Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam'

Mario and Luigi Paper Jam Trailer


Any RPG fans worth their salt are probably familiar with Nintendo's Mario & Luigi and Paper Mario series of games, even if they may not have enjoyed the recent entries in each property as much. Still, both franchises have been very successful for the Big N over the years, leading to multiple installments for each respective series. Now the company has decided to bring them together in the form of a crossover called Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam.

The new game was announced during Nintendo's Digital Event, which also featured the first look at Star Fox Zero, much to the surprise of fans. After watching the reveal trailer, however, gamers can quickly become acquainted with the match ups and new gameplay elements that accompany the paper-themed elements of Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam.

Much to the surprise of few, the new title will utilize several existing mechanics found in the Paper Mario series – largely, the character's ability to change forms. As is evident by the gameplay trailer, the thinner version of Nintendo's mascot is able to transform into a paper plane or turn sideways in order to get through narrow environments. This adds a whole new level to the way players will take on each battle, with the segment in which the paper protagonist helps the 3D iterations of the Mario Bros. avoid the wrath of Petey Piranha being a prime example of this.

Mario and Luigi Paper Jam Trailer

It'll be interesting to see how the two styles of each game mesh in the final product, but gamers will still have quite a wait yet on that front. According to Nintendo, the game won't be arriving for its Nintendo 3DS until sometime in 2016, and even then the window hasn't been narrowed down to a specific month – or quarter for that matter.

Regardless, fans are sure to be looking forward to a game that combines two of the most adored Nintendo RPG franchises. More details on this title and others are sure to be pouring in as E3 2015 gets underway, so be sure to stay tuned to Game Rant for any and all news on Nintendo.

What do you think of this RPG crossover set in the world of Mario & Luigi? Would you have preferred them to remain separate? Get at us in the comments.

Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam will be arriving exclusively on the Nintendo 3DS in 2016.

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