10 Pro Tips For Mario Kart Tour You Should Know

Nintendo released their mobile racing game Mario Kart Tour and it’s proving to be addictive and fun to play. The controls on a mobile device can take a bit of getting used to, but once you have drifting down and get a feel for the game, you’ll be a racing pro.

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To take your skills to the next level, here are some tips for improving your odds of winning, maximizing your efficiency, building your roster of characters, and how to start racking up rubies to buy the things you really want.

10 Find Your Ideal Set Up

The first thing you should be doing is figuring out which characters, which karts, and which gliders you like. The game throws a lot of options at you and in the beginning you’re limited by who and what you can use, but it’s important to figure it out and work on improving them.

Determine whether you like having more acceleration, a fast kart, something that handles well, and whatever else you’re looking for. You’ll probably need two or three setups for the different types of races and challenges you’ll face but strive for one racer, one kart, and one glider that can take you to the top in almost every situation.

9 Be One Note

The reason you want to focus on one setup is because it’s cheaper which allows you to conserve your currency. Another reason is because you get base points for using the same character, kart, and glider over and over again.

This game has a lot of grinding so getting a few more points from using the same character, kart, and glider repeatedly can make the grind faster. As always you should prioritize winning so pick a different setup to ensure you win the race, but for that grind go with your go to loud out.

8 Shoot For The Grand Stars

As you start completing tracks, winning cups, and earning points you’ll start earning Grand Stars. Grand Stars are the way you unlock new cups which can offer you Tour Gift rewards. These rewards can be new drivers, karts, gliders, coins, and rubies.

It’s recommended you blitz as far as you can through the levels scooping whatever stars come your way and then use what you earn to upgrade your setup and go back for the tougher stars you missed.

7 Win With Style

During a race you earn points not only for winning, but also for performing jumps, attacks against other racers, and collecting coins. As always you should make winning your top priority, but often these activities can help you advance forward and get into first place so there’s little reason not to do them.

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The only thing you could probably ignore if you’re struggling in the pack are coins. If you’re in first with a comfortable lead go ahead and start scooping up coins, but if you’re behind maybe focus more on getting ahead.

6 Save Your Item

If you are in any position other than first it’s typically a good idea to use your item fairly soon, but if you’re in first it’s best to hang onto it. When you’re in first you are driving around with a large target on your back, having an item on hand will actually act as a shield that negates an attack at the cost of the item.

Of course, use the item if you’re about to receive another one, but don’t be afraid to hang onto that item for the rest of the race. It’s better to win with an item you didn’t ever use, then to get second because you couldn’t resist triggering that boost of speed.

5 Daily Duty

Try to get into a routine of logging in at least once a day and at least doing the daily quests. Logging in will net you a few rewards and the dailies are a great way to earn rubies, coins, and experience points to further your progress for minimal effort.

Of course play as often and as much as you can, but if you only have time to log on for a few minutes and knock out the dailies you’ll still be making steady progress towards your goals.

4 Challenge Yourself

If you find yourself without something to strive for then you can always focus on knocking out a few of the challenges. These challenges require you to perform certain feats in certain ways or a certain amount of times.

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They can be difficult and a few are really annoying, but they will reward you with rubies so it’s worth spending some time to tick a few off the list. They shouldn’t be your main priority as there are better things to spend your time on, just don’t forget about them.

3 Rank Casually

Whenever a ranking challenge comes around it’s tempting to become a little competitive and see how high you can get. If you can do this comfortably without spending any coins or rubies go for it, but if you need a significant amount of currency to get the ranking don’t bother.

There are some nice rewards, but it honestly will never pay out what you put into it especially considering you’re going up against stronger players and people willing to shell out a few dollars to ensure the win. Do what you can for now and know that with better a better set up and a higher level you’ll be more dangerous in rankings later on.

2 Ruby Budgeting

Being the prime currency the game is going to have multiple things for you to spend your rubies on. Things like new karts, gliders, upgrades, and the flashy Coin Rush where you may or may not get a boat load of coins.

But your best use of rubies is to try to get the best drivers which right now is Dry Bowser and Musician Mario. Characters give you the best bonuses for leveling up and earning your currency back faster so you should be buying 10 pipe pulls with your rubies. It’s the most efficient use of this premium currency and you get a free extra pull than if you were to buy them individual instead of in a pack.

1 Farm Lower Levels

If you don’t want to spend money on this game then be prepared for a lot of grinding. The Gold Pass and items in the shop can speed up progress and cut down on overall grind, but even players with deep pockets will be doing a lot of racing.

Pick the highest race you’ve cleared and run it over and over again with the same character, kart, and glider. Do your dailies and strive for challenges, but be prepared for many, many laps around the same tracks as you save up currency and experience points to progress.

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