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Buckle up racers, because Mario Kart Tour just released today and Nintendo already chucked out the blue shell. Mario Kart Tour is the mobile gaming app that lets players enjoy the classic Mario Kart racing anywhere they have access to their phones. Apart from the usual microtransactions that come with every mobile game, Nintendo is asking for an optional $4.99 subscription fee per month that includes additional content.

Nintendo's Gold Pass for Mario Kart Tour allows players to access more difficult tracks, characters, and a higher 200cc tier racing. The subscription service is the same price as the Apple Arcade or the Google Play Pass, but both services offer way more benefits and original games than a few extra tracks. Not to mention, the Gold pass is a dollar more than Nintendo Switch Online subscription.

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Otherwise, the game is free to download and comes stocked with Toad as the first playable character. Players have the ability to choose a simple style of control or a more fine-tuned drifting style. Racing speeds come in 50cc, 100cc, and 150cc but stop there for the free-to-play options. There are few variations of karts players can unlock as well as characters, but the options are limited.

It's not unusual for players to grind in order to earn more content, but players will need to complete several races before they unlock simple tracks and unlock characters like Mario. Once fans finally get a hang of the game, they'll need to wait a few moments for the content to download before they can access a new character or track. The game does provide a practice option while content is downloading, but all of this depends on internet speed per user.

After initial questions about the subscription service surfaced, Nintendo released a statement saying that players can benefit from a two-week free trial. After these two weeks, players will automatically be billed via iOS or Android services. With much anticipation for the new Mario Kart Tour, some players are feeling a little blindsided by the subscription fee.

Mario Kart Tour is available today in iOS and Android stores.

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Source: IGN, Kotaku

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