One dedicated gamer puts together a stellar video showcasing what Super Mario Kart would look like if it was mashed together with the ever-popular Rocket League.

As one of Nintendo’s most popular franchises, Mario Kart has achieved a massive following amongst hardcore and casual gamers alike. Hopping into a race or a round of Battle Mode is a piece of cake regardless of players’ experience levels, and thus the core appeal of the franchise is born. With that said, another automobile-based title known as Rocket League has abandoned racing altogether to focus on meshing high-octane vehicles with soccer, and it has since gathered a massive following. Now, imagine if these two titans were to be blended together.

Well, one YouTuber that operates under the banner of The Pixel Kingdom has brought just such a concept to life through his latest video. Featuring 16-bit sprites of several major MK mainstays, including The Legend of Zelda‘s Link who made his debut in the first batch of Mario Kart 8 DLC, the gamer-turned-creator has managed to perfectly capture the spirit of both franchises. In fact, it’s so convincing that it makes us wish that Nintendo and Psyonix would team up to create this product.

Of course, those still waiting to be convinced can start off by watching the aptly named ‘Super Mario Rocket League’ video below.

Admittedly, Rocket League even appearing on a Nintendo console at this point seems rather farfetched – let alone an entire game dedicated to a crossover as large as a Nintendo-themed variant of the indie darling. With that said, crossovers have been a big strategy for Nintendo as of late, with Hyrule Warriors Legends being a prime example of the firm’s dedication to working with third-party companies to best utilize its IP.

While a Mario Kart/Rocket League mash-up will likely never happen, it’s cool to see what such a product may look like through a 16-bit lens. Admittedly, fans have been having a lot of fun with the Super Mario Kart property lately, with the fan-made 101-player Mario Kart video being a rather nostalgic viewing for any longtime gamer. Meanwhile, a Star Wars crossover featuring Super Mario mascots has also made waves, and there’s really no telling what gamers may cook up next.

Would you like to see a Mario Kart crossover with Rocket League? Do you think Psyonix’s spin on soccer could wind up on a Nintendo platform? Get at us in the comments.

Source: YouTube