There has been a lot of activity at Universal Studios Japan this week, as work progresses on the upcoming Super Nintendo World area of the park. Today, the park released a video detailing its official groundbreaking ceremony, complete with confirmation that there will be a highly advanced Mario Kart attraction.

Thanks to a recent Nintendo trademark listing for ‘kart racing’, the Internet had already assumed Mario Kart would be one of the attractions at the park, but likely not to the extent Universal and Nintendo have in mind.

At the groundbreaking ceremony, it was announced that the Mario Kart experience will be a key part of Super Nintendo World. Afterwards, it was touted as an attraction unlike anything the world has seen, with cutting edge technology and the best that Universal has to offer. That’s encouraging for fans who are hoping for a real-life race through Rainbow Road, which we can assume is all of them.

Shigeru Miyamoto then took the stage to comment on the park’s commitment to an immersive experience, saying “Guests will be able to enter a world of excitement where they will feel as if they are playing inside Nintendo video games.”

The groundbreaking ceremony then proceeded with the ceremony itself, which kicked off with Mario and the team hitting a question block that got the entire stage moving. There are fireworks, confetti, and animated piranha plants, all set to the lovely star theme from the Mario Bros. games. A very fitting start.

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The groundbreaking comes only six months after Super Nintendo World was announced through a teaser trailer. Universal Studios Japan expects the new area to open its doors some time before the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. Eventually, the area will also be a part of Universal Studios Orlando and Universal Studios Hollywood, but currently construction is only happening at the Japan location — with no announcement yet when it will begin in The States.

Yesterday, another trailer was released for Super Nintendo World that followed Mario through a conceptualized version of the park, brought to life through CGI. He greets guests and visits various planned areas of the park before leaping to a high vantage point to get a nice wide shot of the entire park as it is currently envisioned.

Judging from what has been promised, fans can expect to get the ultimate interactive Nintendo experience from this new area of the park. Universal Theme Parks have done great things for other franchises, such as Harry Potter, so expectations are high.

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